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Motorcycle Light Kit & LED Headlights

Motorcycle riders purchase lighting kits to be seen by other motorists, see terrain clearly and road conditions better in night time operation. Being seen by others during the daytime is really the biggest advantage of a bright white light. Lumen ratings are the measurement of output from a given source. Often these are manipulated by manufacturers and resellers.

There are two parts to a light kit the reflector, which is the housing in front of the bulb, and the bulb. The bulb is the light source, and the reflector directs it where you want it to go. Pairing the proper bulb with the correct reflector is very important for the performance of the headlight. You can either purchase a sealed unit, or you can update the LED bulb itself and use your existing headlight housing, provided the supplier or manufacturer has done their homework and testing.

The right lighting kit for your motorcycle makes you safer on the road. This has been proven and recommended by the NTSB. The more LED light presence your motorcycle has on the road, the more likely your motorcycle is going to be seen by other drivers. Many motorcycles come from the factory without a LED lighting kit installed, so it is one of the first things that a motorcycle owner looks to upgrade immediately. It's a smart investment. See and be seen!

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Which kind of LED you purchase for your bike, along with other driving accessories, will depend on the style of bike you own: an adventure bike vs. a cruiser motorcycle vs. an off-road dirt bike or dual-sport bike. The motorcycle light you buy will make your motorcycle safer on the road, and trail. There are many choices: LED headlight bulbs or full on LED headlights available with or without Halos, in black chrome or chrome finish all designed to offer full beam patterns with proper DOT cut off patterns. A full line of LED auxiliary lights with dimmable controllers is also available, many that are bike specific with plug and play connections. We also offer kits for snow bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and Harleys.

If you like to off-road at night, our Cyclops LED lights kits are designed to attach to your helmet, your dirt bike, sand rails, buggies, marine vehicles, bicycles and other applications.

We offer some of the best light kits in the industry.
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