LED Replacement Headlight Bulbs

Brian, at Cyclops Adventure Sports
H4 LED Replacement Headlight Bulbs from Cyclops
on a Yamaha XT250

Hi everybody, this is Brian with Cyclops Adventure Sports and today we are going to install our 10.0 KTM Husky 14 and newer LED light bulb into a 16 Husky headlight housing. Cyclops is one of the industry leaders in LED light tech and we make great headlight bulbs that increase road safety for you and your bike.

Not all LED headlight bulbs are created equal. Stock bulbs leave something to be desired so we have made an upgrade to these bulbs and I will show how to do that right now. Replacing LED headlight bulbs is fairly straightforward.

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First things first, remove the headlight from the bike.

You will notice on the back you have hard black plastic cap and your little driving light bulb and what you want to do is twist this out very simply, remove that, remove the bulb, this whole assembly you won’t need it. Any of that, except for the parking light bulb.

Next, you have your Cyclops Adventure Sports KTM Husky 10.0 LED replacement headlight bulb for KTM and Huskys 2014 and newer. Our led replacement headlights bulbs are DOT compliant and will keep you safer on the road.

Open that up and remove your bulb, the adapter, the instructions that hold the spacers and the O ring that goes in there.

First thing you want to do is open this up and get to those spacers. The reason for the spacers is they have to go behind these to push the whole reflector out, so you that make room for the fan back against your headstop.

This is a T20 Torx. This portion can be a little finicky for guys with fat fingers so take your patience here.

Get that all lined up. Re-install the Torx screw. Same thing for the other side.

Cyclops LED Headlight Bulbs

OK now that’s done and both bulbs are ready to go where they need to go. The next step is you want to remove the LED replacement headlight from the packaging and separate the LED from this plastic Cyclops backing plate. And the way to do that is to hold the fan base with your right hand grab this front metal portion with your left hand and give a counterclockwise twist and your LED will separate.

So now you have, this is the base, this is our foam dust seal, this is the backing plate, and this is your LED bulb.

The first thing you want to do is take your metal base plate with the foam dust ring on it. There are 3 tabs on there a large one and 2 smaller ones. The large one we want at 12 o’clock and what we want to do is set that on these ramps right here. Like so.

The next step is in your instructions you have a rubber o ring. That gets place into Cyclops backing plate. There we go.

Now the next step is, we get it stay, the next step is we want line this up so this tang is at the bottom of the LED headlight. Like this.

Now this can take some force, because that foam donut has quite a bit of springiness to it so you have to push down quite hard with all fingers and give it a spin.

Make sure all 3 tabs are locked into these retainers. Next grab your bulb. You’ll notice there are large keys and small keys make sure they correspond with large ways and the small ways in the base.

Cyclops Headlight Bulbs are DOT Compliant

Now take your LED halogen bulb insert it, give it a little bit of pressure and give it a clockwise twist until your cord is about straight up and down.

Next flip this over and what you want is to make sure is that the shields are on the bottom and that your emitters are facing left and right and not up and down.

Now many of you are wondering what to do with that small bulb that was on there and how to fill this hole. We recommend cutting this right here and making look like this and basically using it as a plug and reinsert into the headlight housing.

All this stuff, you’re going to want to have zip ties or something to zip tie it up make sure it doesn’t interfere with your forks you can turn it all the way, lock to lock and this isn’t rattling up against anything.

Lot of times I wrap it around like this and zip tie it around these 2 things and then plug this back into the cyclops adapter. Like so.

Then this portion will plug right back into the bike. Some of you who don’t have a high low switch; the red wire and the yellow wire will be disconnected, not installed into the plug. You get to choose whether to run it on high beam which is the red wire or yellow which is the low beam.

And that is how you install a 2014 and newer Cyclops Adventure Sports KTM Husky 10.0 LED bulb. If you have questions about our bulbs, about our bike headlights or about Cyclops light tech, just give us a call.

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