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Cyclops Rally Light

Item Code: RLHAL-55
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DOT approved Motorcycle race light

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Price: $475.95

So you say you want more light for your dual sport? 
Give this 7"DOT legal Rally light a try and light it up like a freight train! 
 HIGH/LOW operation and SAE/DOT/E4 approved. 
 This light does not have the large white Cyclops logos shown on one of the images. 
> Baja 1000 Race Inspired Design, In fact this light frame was used in Baja for years.
> Hella reflector, made in Germany  stamped SAE/E4 (H4 Halogen & LED Bulb Models Only)
> Lightweight Aluminum Frame
> Plug and Play for Bikes with H4 Bulbs. Or for the most light legally (DOT) available choose the Phoenix insert.
>  Mounting plate for computer/speedo and or GPS. No predrilled holes provided.
> Easily converted to HID/LED if desired, uses an H4 bulb
> For bikes that are not H4 (XR650R), a simple H4 plug available at any auto parts store will allow you to use this light.
> Now the panel on top of the light for mounting speedos/gps's etc is included, (This is a platform, not actual GPS mount.)

Optional 10.0 Lumen LED High/Low Upgrade  and now the Phoenix LED complete headlight for the ultimate DOT headlight.
The stock lamp that comes with this rally light is great, but you can get well over double the brightness  with the LED upgrade at a substantially lower power draw. Note if your bike is ac powered at the headlight you will need the rectifier for the LED option.. AKA carbureted KTM's CRFX and XR400/650.. others may apply.

Included with the Right light 4 - Stainless aircraft worm clamps for mounting.


Item In Cart Tuff Light full flex Blinkers
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