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Nomad 2020-2023 FE 250-501 Travel Tower

Item Code: 252-2020FE
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Price: $1,249.00
Fits Husqvarna FE models 2020 onwards with OEM fuel tank or Acerbis 15L tank

The Nomad travel tower explained 
A solid construction made from 4 mm marine grade aluminum panels for durability, combined with aircraft grade billet aluminum cross members. Beautifully machined to tight tolerances.
 Even the side panels are aluminum, unlike all other competitors. This kit takes a beating!
 Self bearing construction with a solid connection to headstock with 4 bolts, no welding or frame modifications required.
 100% Bolt-on construction, tested under extreme conditions. All fasteners in stainless steel.
 Designed as a travel and rally navigation tower 
The tower for our FE Nomad is designed as both a rally and a travel tower. The basic tower structure of each version is the same, and can easily be extended with either our rally kit or simply fit a GPS and USB charging points for travel use.
Our navigation towers have been tested all over the world in just about every major rally there is. They have also been used in extreme conditions on all 6 continents by adventurers from all over the world. 
The Nomad tower has room for 4 switches to power accessories such as heated grips or clothing or extra spotlights. We also have the option of up to 4 USB charging points, DIN accessory plugs and an ignition lock. 
We fitted the tower as low as possible to give maximum view of the front wheel.
 We are firm believers of no-nonsense engineering, which results in a strong and practical construction which is repairable on the road. For strength and repairability we made a bolted rather than welded construction, which also allows for easy flat-pack style shipping. 

- Aluminum travel tower anodized black and mounting kit 
- 2 Brackets for mounting KTM 450RR screen 
- Fairing side panels 
- Dashboard panel ready to accept original FE dashboard 
- KTM450RR Screen 
- CYCLOPS OPR'S or Baja Designs headlights 
- If Cyclops OPR's you will get a low beam cut off removeable cover and a plug and play install
- Fitting instructions with photos 
- Brake line guide
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