Cyclops in ADV Moto Magazine

Cyclops in ADV Moto Magazine

Cyclops H4 LED Headlight Bulb Replacement

Let there BE LIGHT!

By Paul H. Smith
Adv Moto Magazine - July/August 2015

Let me just come right out and say it - I'm in love - I mean REALLY in love with this product. Although our test bike was a Suzuki DR650, Cyclops makes replacement LED headlight bulbs for pretty much everything out there. That said, the DR650's stock headlight bulb is about as anemic as they come - think candle.

Until recently, LED headlight bulbs could only be found for cars. We've been waiting for this vastly superior technology to trickle down. Companies like Denali and Clearwater made available LED "winglights" that produce stunning great illumination. But not the headlight itself. With Cyclops now on the market, the long wait is finally over. And they've done such a stunning job.

Reasons to go with LED over any of the alternatives are many. But all one really needs to know is that they out a lot more light for a lot less power, and they're far more durable, lasting at least 10 times longer...
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Heavyweights Finally

Heavyweights Finally

You would have thought the idea of building a team for a 24 hour race, where the plan was to race KTM Adventure motorcycles, would have been a difficult sell. Nope.

Written by John Isenberg
Photos by Jason Williams and Cliff Brown

The brainchild of Darryl VanNieuwenhuise, CEO of Cyclops Adventure Sports, he was able to quickly put a team of riders together brave enough to race their KTM Adventure against the much lighter 450’s that would be the norm.

Darryl first pitched the idea to Alex Martens of Konflict Motorsports & Suspension who didn’t need any convincing to partner with Cyclops and build a team. The call went out for others to participate in the quest to be the first team to compete at the Starvation Ridge 24 hour on adventure bikes. Didn’t take long, the PNW being one of the best places in the country for dual sport riding...
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