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Tuff Light full flex Blinkers

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Price: $225.99
Introducing the best Adventure and Dual sport blinker on the planet!

 We have acquired Extreme dual sports and Tuff lights, the original nearly unbreakable blinker, with that acquisition we have completely updated the LED function and operation. 100% waterproof and Impact resistant. We guaranty them to be the best Enduro ADV bike blinker in the industry. Never replace your blinkers again.

Manufactured in the USA!

  If it is listed as a kit for a specific bike, it will be complete with EVERYTHING you need for a proper install.  
 Now easily turn your blinkers into additional running lights and brake lights (rear) for added visibility.
 White light in the front and red in the rear. Rear red running lights and bright red brake lights. You can omit the running and brake lights if you wish and still have the best blinkers on the market.
Dazzling bright Amber blinker functions. 
All in a spring-loaded stock to prevent damage from a tip over, crash or impact with brush, trees etc. They will bend 360 degrees, but are stiff, durable and nearly unbreakable.
If you have a single indicator light for the blinkers that is not built into the display and is not LED you will need the diode kit (AKA DR650)  If it is built in to the speedo display it should not require the diode kit. AKA 790adv, 701adv. 690 adv (BUILT IN) older 690s with separate indicator light do need the diode kit.. AND ALL OTHER KTMS THAT ARE TWIN CYLINDER BIKES do not need the diode kit.
 all 500 and smaller CC KTM's and huskies will need the diode kit.

Plug and play kits using factory connectors for most all KTMs and Huskies and the T700 Yamaha through 2023, 2024 T700 setups coming soon.

  Also available is a generic kit with Bullet connectors supplied, Great for your DR or almost any other bike with a single post blinker setup. These will work well on bikes that use a flasher, but you might have to add the female side of the connectors that are included in the kit. This kit is available with or without a standard two pin a LED flasher with male spade connectors. 

Available in a kit with all four, or kits for front or rear.
Perfect for KTM EXC 250, 350, 500, 690ADV, 790ADV, 890ADV 950, 990, 1090, 1190,1290, 2007 and newer.  Husky 350, 501,701

These do not fit the KTM390! The generic bullet kit will work, but you will have to change the connectors out.

We do have kits for all early KTMs not listed as well, please inquire.
Other models coming soon.

 Note for 23 and newer KTM 890 Customers. 
There is a blinker fault code that is showing up on many stock bikes. This is due to a resistance issue with variable wiring harness's that KTM installed in the bikes, bad switches, wiring, etc.  Or at least that's our take on it. There are numerous threads on sites like ADV rider about this KTM issue. It might affect 901s as well, but we have not seen this yet. The running light portion of this tuff light kit might exuberate this fault code. If your bike has this, you can still run the tuff light blinkers and brake lights but might need to leave the running light portion out. We are working on a sidestep to this and will make that available once we know the sure cure. In most cases you can run the full kit as designed.

 2 year warranty

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