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Explorer 3 Dirtbike /Snowbike Light

Item Code: CIL-SBEXP3
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Price: $219.95

  Now available in 30 or 42 watt versions! 7000 plus or 5000 lumens respectively.  Cot a bike that cannot handle those wattages? Simply run the light in low beam for a 50% power reduction, then when you really need lots of light, simply go to high beam.

The little light that can! Don't be fooled by the mini size, big light comes out of this bad boy. No other small LED light even comes close.
New design for 2021 featuring more durable, positive push button switch, metal handle bar mounts and options to allow this light to work for many applications. Switch, cords, strain reliefs and optics for optimal water resistance, ruggedness and performance.

 Great for a chainsaw mount, we can make plug and play for the KTM,Husky etc headlight plugs. Give us a call!

Specifically designed for snowbike applications this light has a small footprint with a big punch. We push more heat to the lens so the snow melts better and keeps you riding.

 Perfect for those who want a light without the weight to "get off the hill" or be legal in areas that require headlights. (most states)  Yet good enough to race and trail ride with.
This light easily mounts to a Number plate, however the SS platform mount is highly suggested, and should make your life easier. Runs from the bikes power.  A new option is the single stud mount, this works great for Chainsaw mounts or the C3 triple clamp.

The Explorer light bar uses a go pro type mount with a aluminum platform to mount almost anywhere. also included is a handle bar mount.(mount in center of bars)  No plastic parts on the light head.

Included is a rubber covered handle bar mounted switch with 3 power level settings.  off, 50% and full on.
Combo beam pattern, spot ,driving and wide beam in one light.
Compatible with Go Pro mounts, Perfect for many modern EFI bikes. 
Choose the optional SS platform to mount the light above the bars per two of the identified photos.
On Fuel injected mx/off road bikes with battery, we highly recommend the optional relayed wire harness setup. Don't be left with a dead battery by accidentally leaving your light on. It also provides a extra power port for accessories.

 Isolux chart in meters
Includes basic wire harness
7000 plus lumens, 
Spot and flood beam in one light
42 or 30 watt watt power draw.
2 year warranty, does not include crash damage, bent and or broken wires.
4 inches long by 1.350 high


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