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TrailBoss LED headlight insert

Item Code: CIL-TB
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Price: $179.95
This New LED insert features light weight, durable and a compact design allowing full adjustability with plug and play installs. Great lighting without the bulk of some other systems.
  Available in two versions to fit your needs, both versions feature a potent combo light beam of 10 and 25 degrees with no hot spots.
  What's great about the standard Trailboss is that is will work on bikes like the XC with low stator power available for lights, Available with a relayed wire harness and switch option for bikes with no headlight wires.
  The TrailBoss Pro steps the standard unit up significantly by adding 5000 more lumens of independently adjustable multi beam lighting for a total of 8000 lumens of clean adjustable lighting with no hot spots.
  Available as plug and play units for all 14 and newer KTM exc's with high and low capability or xc's xcw's with or without factory headlight wiring harnesses and switches.
 Note that Carbureted bikes will require the optional rectifier.
 Note that the  High/low option is only available on the Pro version at this time.
 Note that this is an insert for the 14 and newer KTM headlight mask, It does NOT include the orange shroud

  allow 2 business days for these to be built and out the door.

 Both versions are IP68 rated
 3000 Lumens
 two 10 and two 25 degree beams
 28 watts
 completely adjustable, light and main mask

TrailBoss Pro
 8000 Lumens
 Two 10 degree beams and two 25 degree beams in lower light
 a blend of 3 beam patterns in the upper light, designed for distance and fill
 55 watts
 both lights independently adjustable and main headlight adjustable
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