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Trail Boss LED headlight insert for KTM/Husky

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Price: $220.95
Back in stock. Please allow 3 business days for shipping.
 Now available for 2024 KTM models!
 100% plug and play installs.
When you're ready for the best, turn to the Trail Boss!
 Now available with a selective yellow bottom light in the Trail boss Pro, Stand out in a crowd and get better differential in the dirt.
This New LED insert features lightweight with a durable and compact design allowing the most adjustable and fullest beam patterns in the industry. There should never be a need to reaim your headlight, once its set forget about it.
 Many describe the Trailboss pro as a wall of light.

The Trailboss Pro has been on Overall wining bikes at The 24 hrs of Starvations ridge and the 24 hrs of Glenn Helen. Don't think that trail really only means single track riding.

Great lighting without the bulk of some other systems.
No need to revalve your suspension or purchase other parts so your headlight does not break the rubber straps due to running an overweight headlight! Keep your bike light and nimble.

The Trail Boss Pro adds 225 grams (1/2 lb) to the weight of the bike, Standard Trail Boss adds 100 grams.

If you ride or race in the woods or single-track trails and love lots of quality light, there simply is not a better lighting setup available for your bike than the Trail Boss Pro. It's also a great wide open light for speeds up to approx.75 mph.
   No longer do extreme enduro riders and hard-core trail racers need to compromise with weak factory lights or a heavy aftermarket headlights.

One size does not fit all, A light that works great in the desert will not be the best in the trails. If you're a desert racer, other long distance lighting options might work better for you. But if you're riding trails, or anything but 80 mph double track there is no equal.
A trail rider needs a lightweight light that offers excellent field of view, not just a bright hotspot way out in front of the bike. You don't want tunnel vision! Multi angle Optics are key. A mixture of quality optics with various beam angles. makes this light stand out from the others.

The bezel is in house manufactured from Carbon fiber and Nylon additive manufacturing, making a extremely lightweight and nearly break proof support for the lights. 
. The material makes a difference! Carbon fiber and Nylon are pretty hard to beat and process, that's why Cyclops is the ONLY provider to offer such a high quality material. It won't leave you sitting with a broken light frame.

The lights we use in the Trail Boss Pros are using top bin American made Cree LED emitters and driver boards. No other lighting manufacture can say they have better manufacturing processes or components than the Cyclops setup.

Available in two versions to fit your needs, both versions feature a potent combo light beam of 10 and 25 degrees with no hot spots. The pro also contains an additional 40-degree beam and more 10- and 25-degree optics.
What's great about the standard Trail Boss is that it will work on bikes like the XC or two stroke non TPI bikes with lower stator power available for lights, as well as the 23+ TBI bikes with very limited stator power.
Available with a relayed wire harness and switch option for bikes with no headlight wires.

The Trail Boss Pro steps the standard unit up significantly by adding 7000 plus more lumens of independently adjustable multi beam lighting for a total of 10000 plus lumens of clean adjustable lighting with no hot spots. This is a variety of spot, and semispot/flood optics providing a very smooth and useful beam pattern. The most useful aftermarket headlight on the market. Perfect for all around riding and single-track trail use

Available as plug and play units for all 2014 through 2024 KTM EXC's with high and low capability (Pro version) or XC's XCW's with or without factory headlight wiring harnesses and switches. See note below if you have a 2012 or 2013  you can dim the standard Trailboss with the skene plug and play dimmer. Skene IQ-275-KTM-IQ-275-KTM (cyclopsadventuresports.com)

If your bike did not come with a High/low switch and you do not order that option, the light will be on full blast. Trailboss pro offers two beams, Trailboss standard requires this dimmer to use on bikes with high/low switches. Skene IQ-275-KTM-IQ-275-KTM (cyclopsadventuresports.com)

18 and newer 4 stroke XC's and SX's will need stator upgrades to run the Pro version but can run the standard Trail Boss. TPI 2 strokes can run the Pro. 2023+ TBI SX and XC 2 strokes will only run the standard Trail Boss Aftermarket Stators are available.  The 23/24 XC-Ws will support the Trailboss Pro 
Note that Carbureted bikes will require the optional rectifier. 
Note that the High/low option is only available on the Pro version at this time.
. 2012 and 13 bikes can run the insert, but will need the 14 or newer headlight mask

allow 2 business days for these to be built and out the door.

Both versions are IP68 rated

Trail Boss
3000 Lumens
 two 10 and two 25 degree beam angles.
28 watts, nominal wattage draw is 20 watts. Perfect for the stock TBI bikes and SX,XC.  No stator upgrades required.
completely adjustable, light and main mask

Trail Boss Pro
10000 plus Lumens
Dimmable on bikes with a high/low switch.
Low beam offers a mixture of 10 and 25 degree beam patterns
a blend of 3 beam patterns in the upper light, designed for distance and fill. 10,25 and 40 degrees.
68 watts, nominal wattage draw is 55 watts
both lights independently adjustable in addition to the main headlight adjuster.
Once setup, never touch the adjustment again!

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