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Trail Boss LED headlight insert for Beta, Sherco and Gas Gas

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Price: $270.00
Back in stock. Please allow 3 business days for shipping.
 New for the Beta, GasGas and Sherco models, The power of the potent Explorer mini light bar in a factory fit headlight bezel
When you're ready for the best, turn to the Trail Boss!

This New LED insert features lightweight with a durable and compact design allowing the most adjustable and fullest beam patterns in the industry. There should never be a need to reaim your headlight, once its set forget about it.
 Many describe the Trailboss pro as a wall of light.

If you ride or race in the woods or single-track trails and love lots of quality light, there simply is not a better lighting setup available for your bike than the Trail Boss.
   No longer do extreme enduro riders and hard-core trail racers need to compromise with weak factory lights or a heavy aftermarket headlights.

A trail rider needs a lightweight light that offers excellent field of view, not just a bright hotspot way out in front of the bike. You don't want tunnel vision! Multi angle Optics are key. A mixture of quality optics with various beam angles. makes this light stand out from the others.

The bezel is in house manufactured from Carbon fiber and Nylon additive manufacturing, making a extremely lightweight and nearly break proof support for the lights. 
. The material makes a difference! Carbon fiber and Nylon are pretty hard to beat and process, that's why Cyclops is the ONLY provider to offer such a high quality material. It won't leave you sitting with a broken light frame.

allow 2 business days for these to be built and out the door.

 42 watts
 7000 lumens
 Multi beam angles 10,25,40

 Check out the Isolux charts, if another supplier is not providing this critical info how do you know what you are buying?

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