Darryl VanNieuwenhuise, Owner of Cyclops Adventure Sports
on How To Do a Yamaha XT250 H4 LED Headlight Bulb
Bulb Replacement

Alright Hi, I’m Darryl with Cyclops Adventure Sports. We’re here today showing you how to install a 10.0 H4 LED bulb into a Yamaha XT250. We offer some of the best LED headlight bulbs in the industry.

Probably not the normal bike to put H4 LED bulbs in but it’s a great example of what you have to do on almost any dual sport type bike. So, let’s go ahead and get started here, and try and do this in real time.

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First, I’m going to remove the headlight plastic mask.

Now I want to access the back of the headlight. Alright this bike has got thee screws it looks like, holds the main frame of the headlight in. Going to remove those from the bottom and each side.

Make sure you support the light, you don’t want to drop the headlight on the ground. And there we’ve removed the LED light.

You want to remove the factory connector from the H4 plug. Once we’ve done that, we can remove the factory boot. Set that aside.

This bike uses a round clip apparatus, many of them will have a wire clip that holds bulbs in. This one is a little different. So you give it slight twist counterclockwise to remove stock bulbs.

Pay attention how it goes in, there will be three tabs on an H4 LED. One in the center and two closer to the bottom side. Just remove that and note the little pockets that it fits in. Set your stock light aside.

Now we’re going to unbox the Cyclops 10.0 H4 LED. Go ahead and remove it from the packaging. You get a sweet little sticker there, some instructions. It would be a good idea to read through those prior to attempting replacing bulbs and once you get the Cyclops H4 bulbs out of their packages note that there are glare shields around the front emitters.

It’s imperative that those glare shields, when you are done, end up on the bottom and the H4 LED is sitting parallel to the ground. You don’t want it cocked one side or the other. Sitting nice and flat, flush is the way it wants to be installed.

Once you have this all ready you want to remove the base from the Cyclops H4 LED headlight. Once you have the base removed, set the rest of it aside. Come back to your headlight housing and drop that base in the same way your old H4 base came out. Note that the flange needs to be pointing up.

Then take your stock retainer whether that’s a spring or round device like this and get that back on.

That’s what holds bulbs back into the housing. Reinstall your boot. Here I’m placing the boot over the outside of that ring. That’s what creates your seal.

Installing H4 LED Headlight Bulbs

Once you have all that done take the Cyclops H4 LED, it’s got 2 tangs on it, drop that down in there, rotate it a little bit until it finds those spots and then give it a short twist. We want to make sure to check the orientation of this guy since that, let’s see, it’s going to go back on the bike this way.

We want to make sure that that is sitting on the bottom. That the glare shields are indeed on the bottom and that is, looks like it is going to be parallel to the ground. Sometimes there kinda hard to see on a headlight like this. You’ll be able to really tell once you turn it on. Always doublecheck your headlight.

Now, you have all this light wiring and the driver box to deal with. What we’re going to do in this case, we’re going to bundle that up and we’re going to run a zip tie around the wire and we’re going to find a nice place to put that.

So, in this case it looks like right back here along these headlights wires would be a great spot. Go ahead and plug your connector from the Cyclops LED bulb back into the factory connector. And now it gives me an opportunity to do another zip tie back here and tidy this up.

Big thing here is make sure that you secure this so it cannot drop into your fork stops. Super critical do not allow this to just flop around. Make sure you tie it up somehow if it is not in a headlight bucket that’s enclosed on the back side.

I’m pretty happy with that. I’ll go ahead and clip my zip ties. Now we’re ready to re-install the bolts from our headlight housing.

This is a good time to check and make sure you haven’t done anything with the light wires that are going to prevent full range of the forks.

Once you’re happy with that, this all looks good, go ahead and tighten it up. Ok, occasionally it may be necessary to adjust, readjust, your headlights after LED bulbs are installed.

On this particular bike there’s a screw down on the bottom that you can turn and adjust the height of the LED headlight. To start off with don’t change it, leave it as is, you’ll have to wait till nighttime to see where your adjustment is. Most cases it’s not necessary, but sometimes it is.

There you go. Fire the bike up, make sure your LED headlights are working right and that is how you install a Cyclops 10.0 H4 LED bulb in an XT250.

Check our low and high LED headlight lights. Now we’ll be safer on the road and be able to see where we’re going when we’re riding at night. Here at Cyclops we offer the best in H4 LED headlight bulbs.

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