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Evolution safety turn signal inserts

Item Code: CIL-EVO
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High Intensity Blinker inserts that offer driving and brake light features.

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Price: $344.95

What is the single biggest threat to Motorcyclist today? Being hit by autos who did not see us.
The team here at Cyclops are lifetime riders and want to help you be seen. 

Simply put our new Evolution Safety Turn signal inserts are the single biggest thing you can do to your bike to be seen from the front or the rear.
The Evolution Safety inserts turn your front blinkers to bright white conspicuity lights and your rear blinkers into intensely bright red brake lights, all while providing incredibly bright blinker and hazard lights in amber.  All factory functions are retained.

These high intensity blinker inserts replace the stock anemic bulbs and reflectors in your bikes blinker stems .  In each front insert there are 57 White and 57 Amber High intensity LEDs per insert, In the rear there are 57 red and 57 Amber high intensity LEDs Per insert. All potted with waterproof membrane since your signal lenses are not sealed, A cyclops exclusive
No other product even comes close in comparison, No need to drill, cut or modify your blinker stems. 
These keep your bike looking clean and uncluttered as opposed to add on products that look just as that.. Add on..
Kits come complete with all 4 high intensity inserts, relayed wire harness and any connectors required. 
They fit many modern bikes with the pointed (arrowhead) style blinkers.. Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, KTM, Triumph, Zero and many others.  Many more to come!
Below is a fitment chart, some slight  mods to wire lengths (for a clean installation) may be required to the Evolution wire harness depending on bike, no mods to the bikes wire harness.
They can also be wired in via a fuse block or similar devise.
If used in conjunction with the Hexcan2 or the Cyclops Raider canbus interface the relayed wire harness and GS relay option can be omitted, the leads will provide all the options the Hexcan2 or Raider is capable of,  Note that using front and back will eat up two of the Hexcan ports. We do not separate the front leads , they will act as one light configuration, not individual front lights...

Note that the KTM 250 through 690 and Husky 701 also require a resistor kit to prevent hyperflashing, this is available in the options list . an aftermarket LED flasher may also work.

 2 year warranty
  • multi function, red (7.027W, 376.4LM) each
  • blinker, amber( 6.295W, 299.6LM) each
  • multi function, white (6.278W, 557.6LM) each


50 (2010 and up)
RS125 (2010 and up)
Shiver 750 (2006 and up)
Shiver GT (2010 and up)
RS4R (2010 and up)
Dorsoduro 750 (2007 and up)
Dorsoduro Factory (2007 and up)
Dorsoduro 1200 (2010 and up)
Tuono VR4 (2011 and up)

BMW  with conventional blinkers.. EU buyers take note
R1200GS (2013 and up)
R1200GSA(2014 and up)
F650GS (2014 and up)
F700GS (2012 and up)
F800GS (2013 and up)
F800GSA(2015 and up)
F800GT (2013 and up)
R1200RS (2015 and up)
R1250GS/GSA   2019
R1200R (2015 and up)
R nineT (2014 and up)
R nine T Pure (2016 and up)
R nine T Scrambler (2016 and up)
R nine T Urban G/S (2017 and up)
G450X (2008 and up)
G650X (2006 and up)
G650GS (2011 and up)
S1000RR (2009 and up)
S1000XR (2016 and up)
S1000R (2014 and up)

Ducati Hypermotard 796 (2010 and up)
Ducati Hypermotard 1100 (2007 to 2009)
Ducati Hypermotard 1100S (2007 to 2009)
Ducati Hypermotard 1100 eve (2010 and up)
Ducati Hypermotard 1100 eve SP (2010 and up)

KTM 250,350,500 exc (2015 and up) will need a resistor kit to prevent hyperflash, chose the option for single indicator
KTM 690 Enduro (2015 through 2018) Does not fit 2019 or 2020.  will need a resistor kit to prevent hyperflash,chose the option for single indicator
KTM 1190 Adventure 
KTM 1190R Adventure 
KTM 1090 Adventure 
KTM 1290 Super Adventure 
KTM 1290R Adventure                            Note: some EU bikes come stock with led blinkers, these will not fit those models.
KTM 1290 Super Duke R (2014 and up)
KTM 1290 Super Duke GT (2016 and up) Rear only

Triumph Street Triple (2009 through 17)
Triumph Speed Triple (2009 through 17)
Triumph Street Triple R (2009 through 17)
Triumph Tiger 800 (2010 through 17)
Triumph Tiger 800XC (2010 through 17)
Triumph Daytona 675 (2009 through 17
Triumph Daytona 675R (2011 through 17)

DSR Max Adventure (2016 and up)
SR Max Performance (2016 and up)
S Streetfighter (2016 and up)
FX Stealthfighter (2016 and up)
FXS Supermoto (2016 and up)
DS Dual Sport (2016 and up)


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