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Yamaha T700 Auxiliary light kit

Item Code: CIL-T7
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Price: $295.95
When usefulness and quality matter the Cyclops Auxiliary light kit for the Yamaha T7 comes shining through and leaves the competition in its wake.
  The usefulness of having lights that turn direction with the bars can be very beneficial , perfect for those evenings that might have gone a little long and you need to set up camp, or pick your way through a tighter section of trail. .
  Usefulness from having the ability to run daytime running lights and have full control of low beam settings as well as a switch to disable the system leaving only DRLs on. (dimmer with cutout switch)
 Simplicity for those that don't want to add ANY switches to their bikes, you can choose to have the aux lights activated  in  reduced power  on low beam (50%) and high beam (100%) via the factory high beam switch by choosing the dimmer option with no switch. 
  Or have the  lights on in high beam and off in low beam, with no switches.  Option (I dont want dimming or any switch, Aux lights turn on with factory high beam switch)
  If choosing the DRL version, DRLs will be on with the key. by choosing a switch you can disable the main auxiliary lights leaving only the DRL ring on during the daylight. Then at night, flip the switch and have full control of your main auxiliary lights activating in conjunction with your bikes high and low beam, This works very well with the  ON with high beam OFF in low beam ,No switch option. 
 With this Cyclops kit you can choose what works best for you.  
 Benefits of a 100% plug and play setup utilizing all factory Yamaha connectors. If using diming, The high beam wire does use a positap, By far the best way to tap into a wire without causing damage, no tools required.
  The basic kit uses our tried and true Aurora 2 inch dia 19 watt (38 for the set) light kit, All CNC machined, polycarbonate lenses and super light weight. Each light is rated at 2000 lumens (4000 for the set) with a 15 degree optic throwing a light beam nearly 500 ft 
  You can choose the DRL or non DRL version.
  If no dimmer option is chosen the kit will come with a switch to turn the lights on or off, If you chose the dimmer option you can install the lights with No switch, The auxiliary lights will work in conjunction with the factory headlight, Low beam is set at 50% 
  With the DRL option, You can also choose the cutout switch, this will disable the system, this works well with the DRL, allowing you the ability to turn the main aux lights off and run with only the DRL halo rings. 
  We offer mounts for the stock low fender or the Camel ADV high fender kit.
 Emark certified for your confidence when riding in countries that require this certification..

Look at these quality features!
Solid Steel cradle mount. No broken or cracked mounts!
CNC machined aluminum housings 
Poly-carbonate lenses, Break-proof! 
15 degree beam patterns, a great choice for distance and field of view.
19 watts each 
2000 lumens a piece, 4000 lumens for the set.
Input voltage 9-30VDC 
R113, R10 TUV and Emark certified
IP68 Rated
Warranty....5 year Function warranty (crash damage excluded) 
  Aurora Driving Lights

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