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H1 LED Headlight Bulb 2800 lumen

Item Code: CIL-LED-H1
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H1 LED Headlight Bulb 2800 lumen
Price: $64.95

A high output H1 LED bulb that lasts long, is super reliable and performs great. Get HID performance with the power and benefits of LED on your auto, bike, quad or UTV! Fits in Trailtech 8 inch race lights.

Fan cooled for extreme conditions. Don't fall victim to competing LED bulbs with heat sinks and no fan. They simply will not last in a closed off headlight bucket of a motorcycle or auto.

Technical Specs
- Plug and Play
- Lumen Rating 2800
- Color Temperature 5700K
- Power Draw 20 Watts
- One Year Warranty

Please note: Operates on DC voltage only. If you have an Ac powered headlight you will also need the optional rectifier shown.


Item In Cart Rectifier for LED Light Module
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