BMW GSA LED Fog Light Replacement kit
BMW GSA LED Fog Light Replacement kit

BMW GSA LED Fog Light Replacement kit

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Replace the high power draw, mediocre distance fog lights on your BMW GSA with Cyclops high performance, long range LED auxiliary lights. This kit offers the best and longest range auxiliary lights available on the market in one plug and play solution. The lights mount near the same location as the factory units and draw 85% less power. Mounts are included for the GSA. The kit uses your factory wire harness and switch, simply bolt up and plug in. Note this kit is for the GSA with factory halogen fog lights.

Now with an even longer light beam throw
883 ft from a set of two 10 watt lights!
CE approved for 2016
All LED Lights are not created equal. The best value and longest distance LED lights are here.

Don't fall victim to overpriced high lumen rated, low performing lights. Put the light where you need it, not in the tree tops. No other LED light matches the long range performance of the Cyclops Long Range series.

All Cyclops long range lights come with unbreakable Polycarbonate lenses.

Utilizing an all new proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology, the Long Range series provides the ultimate focus for long range lighting by producing 883 ft. of usable light from a single 3.5" tall, 10-watt LED. Compared to a standard 55 watt low beam headlight reach of 88 ft. and a standard 65 watt high beam reach of 153 ft.

This kit also features Cyclops Prime Drive technology for integrated thermal management and dimming capabilities.

Now available are filters for the Long Range lights, these drastically change the beam pattern and offer a tunable lighting solution. You can run one wide angle filter and one spot, or two wide beam pattern filters. Mix or match for a very tunable system. Amber filters are great for fog or adverse conditions as well making a huge difference with conspicuity lighting.

Beam Spread Options:
The lights are available in three beam pattern options
10 degree lights provide the most distance
20 degree lights offer very good distance and a bit more fill than the 10 degree
The combo kit is one 10 and one 20 degree light,
(Use this setup on a Motorcycle with the 20 degree on the right hand side (USA) for an extremely good lighting setup.)
60 degree lights are also available on special request

Choose the light beam pattern and if you want dimming or non dimming harnesses.

Wire Harness:
Cyclops products have very high quality wire harnesses. Several versions are available to suite your needs.
The Skene dimmer option offers the user several different operating levels from 0 to 100% in 10% increments.
With the Skene unit you can use your existing headlight switch to operate the high and low beam with no other switches required, chose the single pole handle bar switch option if you would like to turn the lights completely off while riding.
Note that on the 2013/16 BMW R1200GS with the factory LED headlight a separate switch is required

Key Features
- 883' of Usable Light from 10-watt LED
- Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology
- PWM Integrated Dimming Circuitry
- Integrated Electronic Thermal Management (ETM)
- Available as 2 Light Set with Wiring Harness

Compact, Bold Design - Small Doesn't Mean Weak
The Optimus Prime outperforms traditional Halogen Off Road Lighting solutions in both distance and output, all while fitting within a housing that doesn't look bulky and in the way.

So put away the huge, awkward looking lights, and get the driving lights that will amaze you every time you light them up.

The Single Long Range Optimus Prime throws 1 lux of light 883 feet.
For comparison, a motorcycle headlight low beam measures 1 lux at 88 feet, and high beam 1 lux at 153 feet.

The Optimus Prime is truly "lighting evolved". Prime Drive The More Powerful and Long Lasting LED The Optimus Prime with Prime Drive drives the LED more efficiently while managing heat levels. This means more light from the LED and a longer lifespan. This is advanced LED technology in action. Electronic Thermal Management (ETM) monitors the heat output of the LEDs and makes use of integrated Pulse Width Modulation circuitry in order to maintain safe operating temperatures in order to prolong the LED life span to its full 50,000 hour potential.

Pulse Width Modulation
The Optimus Prime utilizes integrated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming circuitry to manage heat levels. PWM works by flashing the LED at a frequency faster than the human eye can detect, reducing the time that the LED is operating while still delivering 100% light output.

Single lights are supplied with the corresponding male duetch plug with a section of wire, sets come with wire harness selected.

Warning - Cancer & Reproductive Harm -
This product may contain chemicals that are known in the state of California to cause harm.
Reviewed by:  from Shangaramangalam. on 2/10/2018
I purchased the combo kit for my 2013 BMW R1200 GSA along with the amber fog lenses. Installation took no time at all...truly a plug & play design, which is awesome since my mechanical/electrical skills are limited. The result? Unbelievably impressive! Took a 3 day road trip up to Glacier National Park and these lights were amazing. Great visibility on the road during the day thanks to the amber lens covers. When the covers are off, they truly light up the night. Really looking forward to getting out on some logging roads after dark to see how well they perform out in the woods. Thanks for creating such a great product! I highly recommend them!!
Reviewed by:  from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. on 7/19/2016
Solid Kit, best customer service
Had someone try to steal my PIAA lights that the bike came with when I bought it. These were an obvious replacement. Better beam pattern, the Skene dimmer was a must for me, as I commute on her as well. Gregg highly recommended the amber lenses, and man to they help get you noticed in traffic. This is a SOLID kit. Well worth the investment and the customer service is so over the top fantastic, it's not even funny. Only problem I had was grounding the Skene dimmer to the factory BMW accessory plug under the beak. Lights were flickering like crazy and I couldn't get into programming mode. Gregg was fantastic! He walked me through a super easy 3 min fix (note: ground to the light feed's ground) and got me on the road right before a trip. THE BEST customer service bar none. Thanks guys!
Reviewed by:  from Seattle. on 6/16/2016
Very nice kit
This kit was the solution to my lighting woes on my 2012 GSA. The kit was plug and play and install was less than an hr Cyclops hit it out of the park with this easy to install and very potent LED lighting kit. I compared my kit to my buddies CW setup and even though I paid far less for the Cyclops kit, my lights are superior to my now disappointed friends :) I also opted for the wide beam lens filters, It is very nice to have the ability to switch from a distance light to a wide beam light with a snap on filter. Job well done Cyclops!
Reviewed by:  from KC. on 6/23/2015
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