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R1200GS, GSA LED Headlight Bulb Kit 9600 lumen set

Item Code: CIL-LEDMD-R1200GS
13 Review(s)
9600 lumen LED headlight bulb kit for the R1200GS any year
Price: $129.90
This powerful LED Headlight Bulb kit includes two custom 10th Generation 4.8 4800 Lumen Cyclops bulbs that fit and work great in the R1200GS, GSA with the factory Halogen headlight. Outshine the factory BMW LED headlight by a large margin.

The only LED bulb to have both TUV and E13 certifications. The toughest regulatory board in the world! Do not be fooled by the imitators!

.Get vastly improved night time riding performance as well as daytime conspicuity out of your stock BMW headlight housing.
 No canbus issues or codes. Features Cree  LED emitters for long life and the best beam patterns in the industry.
 No mods to the factory caps required. Everything fits inside your factory headlight.
- Completely Canbus Compatible
- Simple Install
  Utilizes the new 4.8 bulb with all metal bases and screw on driver connections
- 9600 Lumens (4800 Lumens per LED light)
- 5600K
- Vibration & Water Proof
- IP68 Rated
- One Year Full Warranty

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