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Skene IQ-275-KTM

Item Code: IQ-275-KTM
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100% made in the USA!

  Aftermarket LED headlights typically do not come with a standard method to reduce the output from full power to a lower power for road use. Running one of these lights on the street is simply irresponsible and illegal.

  You can now adjust your low beam setting to a palatable level from off to 100% in 10% increments. All without adding another switch to your bike.

  A 50% low beam level often is not good enough, and adding a rheostat dial on your bars is like going back to the stone age! NO heat buildup or other ill effects.

  The Skene IQ-275-KTM dimmer allows the user to add a plug and play dimmer to most quality aftermarket LED Enduro style headlights. Denali, Cyclops, Baja Designs, Acerbis

 This kit is designed for KTM/Husky dual sport (150CC-701CC) or enduro bikes from 2014 onward.

The Skene IQ-275-KTM allows the user to set the output intensity of the low beam. The output intensity can be adjusted from Off, to 100% in 10% increments, this will allow the user to decrease the light intensity perceived by oncoming traffic, or lower the power draw on bikes that are electrically challenged.

The Skene IQ-275 KTM light dimmer is also a life saver for newer motorcycles Like the KTM 2023 300 TBI, XC and SX models that have low wattage DC output stator and desire to add lights. Bikes adding lights, cooling fans, or any other DC accessory will over draw the charge form the stator and drain their battery during their ride.

 The Skene IQ-275 KTM dimmer dramatically reduces the power draw on aftermarket headlights allowing the stator to charge the battery when the draw is low and still provide rider visibility. When full power light is needed, the option is there with the flick of a high beam switch.

For bikes with a factory High/low switch, just install the Skene IQ-275 between the headlight and light harness, no added switches are required.

If your bike came with no headlight switch OR only has a simple on/off light switch, a two or three position light control switch is required (Cyclops handlebar switch, multi-function)

Skene IQ-275-KTM
with the Baja Designs XL Pro
Function and Programming


Skene IQ-275-KTM
with the Acerbis VSL headlight
Function and Programming


Skene IQ-275-KTM
with the Cyclops Trailboss
Function and Programming



Skene Design guarantees this hardware product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of TWO (2) YEARS from the date of purchase by the original end-user purchaser.


We will need to be contacted prior to return 30 days from purchase. To be eligible for a refund the product must be complete in original packaging / not installed and in resalable condition.

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