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Skene IQ-260 Tail/Brake Light Controller

Item Code: IQ-260
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Price: $69.99

The IQ-260 Tail/Brake light controller is a stand-alone version of our P3 rear lighting system.

It can also be used to convert your bike's stock tail and brake light into a flashing brake light. 

This light controller adds our patented, and highly effective conspicuity flicker to any aftermarket visibility lights, allowing them to function as running and brake lights, with programmable brake light flashing.

Three programmable emergency flashing modes are included.

Convert the stock top case light on the BMW K1600GT and R1200RT model to a combined taillight/flashing brake light.

Fully compatible with BMW CAN-bus

Fully compatible with BMW’s single filament tail/brake lights

The IQ-260 can control any number of lamps with a total current draw of up to 6 amps.


  •  IQ-260 controller - 1
  •  Adhesive Velcro squares - 2
  •  Posi-Tap connectors - 3
  •  Posi-Twist connector - 1
  •  Installation manual - 1
  •  Programming card - 2


  • Current draw, controller: 0.015 amps,
  • Operating voltage: 9 - 16 VDC
  • Maximum Lamp Current: 6 amps
  • Control module dimensions: L: 1.75" W: 1.31" H: 0.5"
  • Control module weight: 1 oz.

This product is protected by US patent 7,928,660

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