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Skene IQ-260-D-TS Rear Visibility Controller with Decelerometer & Turn Signals

Item Code: IQ-260-D-TS
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Price: $114.99

The IQ-260-D-TS, Rear Visibility Light Controller with Decelerometer and Turn Signal capability and is compatible with all motorcycle makes and models, including those with CAN-bus systems.

The IQ-260-D-TS is compatible with our  P3 systems with Turn Signals going back to 2012. Existing P3-TS users can upgrade their system by simply replacing the controller. The wiring is unchanged so it’s a simple controller upgrade to the P3 with decelerometer and turn signals.

Deceleration braking is a great enhancement to your visibility on the road, especially when combined with the Skene patented conspicuity flicker and flashing brake light functionality also provided by this controller.

Skene Lights’ deceleration controller combines microprocessors and proprietary algorithms within a small controller to monitor your bike’s speed and direction.

The controller offers five sensitivity levels allowing you to adjust to your bike, riding style and conditions. You can change levels at any time using the brake lever and even have the option to turn it off. In fact, you can change modes for tail lights, brake lights, emergency flashers and decelerometer sensitivity after installation with the brake lever. No additional software, cables, or wiring are required

This controller includes an additional safety feature called the Tip Over Flasher. In the event that the bike goes down on its side the controller will automatically flash the lights in a quad flash pattern to attract attention in case the rider needs assistance. Once the bike is upright, the lights revert to normal operation.

The IQ-260-D-TS can control any number of additional pairs of red LEDs up to 6 amps, 3 amps per channel (left and right).


  • IQ-260-D-TS controller - 1
  • Posi-Tap connectors - 5
  • Posi-Twist connector - 2
  • Installation manual - 1
  • Programming card - 2


  • Current draw, controller: 0.015 amps,
  • Operating voltage: 9 - 16 VDC
  • Maximum Lamp Current: 6 amps, 3 amps per channel (left and right)
  • Control module dimensions: L: 2.0" W: 1.625" H: 0.625"
  • Control module weight: 1.7 oz.

Fully compatible with BMW’s single filament tail/brake lights

This product is protected by US patent 7,928,660


Skene Design guarantees this hardware product against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of TWO (2) YEARS from the date of purchase by the original end-user purchaser.


We will need to be contacted prior to return 30 days from purchase. To be eligible for a refund the product must be complete in original packaging / not installed and in resalable condition.

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