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Hex ez can extension cable set

Item Code: H1-EXT-004
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Extension wire kit for all Hexcan 2 controllers
Price: $59.95
The HEX ezCAN Extension Kit provides you with everything that you need to connect your front auxiliary lights, brake lights and horn to the ezCAN, with additional connectors to facilitate other accessories.
 The kit contains:
 2 x 1.5m 3-core extension cables (typically used for 2-wire or 3wire front accessory lights) 
 1 x 0.5m 3-core extension cable (typically used for brake lights)
 1 x 1.5m 2-core extension cable with spade connectors on one end (typically used to connect air horns or other 2-wire accessories)
 3 x female MT-3 connector kit including pins and wire seals
 5 x male MT-3 connector kit including pins and wire seals 
 5 x blanking seals (where only 2 terminals are used in a 3-wire connector)
 6 x 20mm adhesive lined Heat-shrink
 2 x female spade connector terminals (6.3mm) 1m Sheathing

HEX exCAN for KTM bikes
Motorycle accessory manager

HEX ezCAN for BMW bikes
Connecting accessories to the ezCANr

Note: No Return On This Electrical Product.
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