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Ducati DesertX Aurora auxiliary light kit.

Item Code: CIL-AUR-DX
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Price: $325.95
Now a plug and play kit for the Ducati Desert X using the potent and popular Cyclops Aurora lights with or without the DRL ring.
 This kit does not require you to have the factory aux light port turned on by the dealer.
  This kit does use round tube mounts (included) to allow the lights to be mounted to your upper crash bars.
 Choose if you want the DRL kit. This kit offers the Amber halo to be on at all times with the main auxiliary light coming on with high beam, No switches added to the bike.

  The basic wire harness will allow the kit to be installed with or without the DRL options and will activate the main auxiliary light when the high beams are activated, No switches added to the bike.

 The Skene IQ-275 dimming option will allow the lights to be on at all times with a low beam setting that is adjustable from off to 100% in 10% increments, High beam will be 100%, No switches added to the bike.

  The Skene IQ-375 option is as follows,

In DRL mode (daytime running light) has a yellow halo ring illuminated while the auxiliary driving light is off. When travelling in DRL mode, switching to high beam with your headlight causes the Aurora DRL to switch to auxiliary light mode.

When travelling in DRL mode, the DRL halo-ring will flash in conjunction with the turn signals. OEM/Stock blinkers with drop-out capabilities will continue to function in any mode.

The auxiliary lights can also be programed to have a variable brightness when used in low beam. With the flip of the included waterproof toggle switch
 the lights can change between DRL and variable low beam auxiliary light mode.

The auxiliary lights are adjustable in 10% increments from “Off” to “100%” intensity. When using the AUX light mode, the auxiliary light will drop out when the blinker is activated and the DRL halo or your secondary set of lights will become blinkers.

Designed as a supplemental blinker control, the blinker channels on this product will automatically drop-out the auxiliary light on the same side the blinker is activated on the vehicle. This enhances your turn signal’s ability to be seen by other travelers. 

The AUX light mode also includes patented flickering “Conspicuity mode”, that can be toggled on and off as desired. The conspicuity mode dramatically increases your ability to be seen by other vehicles on the road.

 This video represents the IQ-375, yes we do realize it's on a Husky :)

Skene IQ-375 demonstration
Norden 901

How to Program Dimmable Harness


Item In Cart Skene P3 Tail/Brake Lighting System
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