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BMW R1200/1250 GS, GSA lighting kit, 2014 and newer

Item Code: CIL-GS
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Price: $252.95
Now with a few clicks get a lighting kit tailored to your specific needs for your R1200 (14 and newer) or R1250GS and GSA.
  No overselling of items you don't want or need. just a simple plug and play setup with your choice of lights and mounts.
 There simply is not a better made light than the Cyclops Lighting line, no matter the cost.
 All these kits use the Hexcan 2 controller. No switches or dials mounted to your already crowded bars.
 The Hexcan 2 allows you to adjust low beam with the wonder wheel while also allowing you to turn a aux light into a blinker, or drop an aux light out when the blinker is activated.
 Want your lights to strobe or flash when you hit the horn? or add an additional set of lights? No problem. The Hexcan 2 can offer that option. adding heated gear, more rear visibility lights or other electrically controlled items is a simple and easy. 
 Combined with the best controller on the planet, choose your lights and mounts to suite your needs.
 If you need to be the sun while riding your fine GS go with the Orion options, These lights are incredibly bright and offer a race style lighting performance level. Think Trophy truck. 
 The Pegasus lights offer a great multi beam angle setup that are lightweight and powerful. 
 The long range lights are fantastic if you want long distance lights without the size or power of the Orion lights.
 Both the Long Range and Orion lights have available filters to change beam patterns and color. 
Selective amber lenses that really stand out in a crowd and do not cut your available light too much are also available for these two light choices.
 All the lights in this package are lifetime warrantied.
 a complete wire harness is included for a simple plug and play installation, that nearly anyone can do in a few hrs.

 Feel free to give us a call for insight on what setup might work best for you. Lighting is not a one size fits all product.
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