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Nomad KTM 690 Soft luggage racks 2012 - 2018

Item Code: 223
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Price: $300.90
Super lightweight luggage rack, just 1.9kg!? 
We all want to be able to take some luggage with us, but we don't always like the heavy steel scaffolding usually associated with luggage racks. 
They make the bike top heavy and for soft luggage we don't need the 5+ kg steel bolted to the back as the actual luggage weight is carried by the straps over the seat. 
Yet we still want to keep our luggage away from the exhaust, and we all know that heat shields don't really work. 
 Strapping luggage over the curved plastics doesn't work all that well either and we'd like to fit and remove our bags quickly and securely... 
Enter our new super light weight luggage rack! Fully made from aluminium, cnc machined, strong and yet weighs only 1.9 kg complete. 

 Easy to fit and remove. 
  Anodised for better protection.
 Requires our (or others) rear luggage carrier to divide the forces over all 4 tank inserts.
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