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Explorer 3 Bicycle/e-bike light

Item Code: CIL-EP2
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Price: $220.95
Now also available in 30 or 42 watts!
Now get a bicycle light powerful enough for a motorcycle on your E-bike. The light for hard core riders, or those that want to light it up like the sun.
4 powerful emitters creating a combo light pattern for great distance and spread, lightweight and rugged this light is compact but packs a powerful punch.
3 power level settings. Off, 50% and full on.
Handlebar mounted switch for easy access to power levels without taking your hands off the grips. 
handle bar mount fits common fat and skinny bars. It comes with bare leads for you to wire it in.  
*The handle bar switch has been updated for the new version 3. The picture is of the older generations switch. 
 Note: This light runs off your E-bikes power

7000 lumens
 42 or 30 watt draw  7000 and 5000 lumens respectively.
 2 year warranty
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