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BMW R1200RT/R1250RT Auxiliary light kit, plug & play 2014 and newer

Item Code: CIL-RTAUX
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Price: $720.95
Now the popular Cyclops long range lights or Pegasus lights can be installed on the fantastic R1200Rt from 2014 and newer. This kit features the Hex EZ can 2 controller that also has several other features to control the lights in both high and low beam, You can use your aux lights as blinkers, or have them drop out when a blinker is activated. Add heated jackets or other electrically powered gear and additional brake lights like the Skene P3, Hyperlights etc.. The kit uses Cyclops rugged under mirror mounts, made from CNC billet aluminum.

Choose from the long distance lights in a 10, 20 or combo beam pattern with one 10 and one 20 degree light. or the potent Pegasus lights for more fill closer to the bike, but not as far as a throw. You can't go wrong with either, Both are lifetime warrantied.

 Note that on some 2022/23 Models we have heard there is a slight mod to a plastic bracket required to install this kit.

See specific light info for the Long Range lights CLICK HERE.

See specific Info on the Pegasus lights CLICK HERE


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