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2024 Honda Transalp auxiliary light kit

Item Code: CIL-TA
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Price: $340.00
A complete performance auxiliary light kit for the new Honda Transalp. 
 Plug and play into existing accessories ports on the bike with provisions to also run other accessories from those ports GPS, heated grips etc.
 A positap is used for high beam hook up interface. At this time this kit only fits bikes with upper crash bars, In the near future we will have a stand alone mount for bikes without crash bars. 
The listed price includes the Round tube mounts for mounting to upper crash bars.

 Choose your lights. 
 Specs in links.

 2 inch Auroras without DRL. Aurora 2 Inch, 19-Watt Auxiliary Light Set
 2 Inch Auroras with DRL ring, Best to run these as high beams activated, no switch. Aurora 2 Inch with DRL ring 19-Watt Auxiliary Light Set

Pegasus combo beam lights. Pegasus LED Light kit

 Choose how you want to operate your lights. 

 High beam activation. Lights automatically come on with the high beams off with the low beams. Really good choice for the Aurora DRL version. 

 Dimmer option. No switches added, you can dim your lights on low beam from off to 100% in 10% increments High beam is always 100% Lights auto dim with the factory High/low switch. 
 Not recommended for the Aurora DRL options. 

 Old fashioned handle bar mounted switch, Not our favorite way to setup lights, but if that's what you want, we can oblige.

 We are also offering the new Skene IQ-375 controller in the Transalp kit, This only works with the Aurora DRL versions. This controller will allow the auxiliary lights to also act as blinkers with main aux light drop out on the side the blinker is activated. It also harnesses the power of the patented Skene conspicuity flicker in the DRL rings. This can be turned on and off should you not want that feature. This controller has full low beam adjustability with high beams coming on full blast. A switch is used to toggle the lights in between conspicuity mode and auxlight mode.

  Conspicuity mode=  DRL rings on in low beam, with our without the conspicuity flicker. in high beams the main aux light comes on, Blinkers are active in all modes, main light drops out when blinker is activated.
  Aux light mode=  Main auxiliary lights are on, you can set low beam from off to 100% in 10% increments, hit the bikes high beam switch and aux lights go to 100%. Blinker functions through the DRL ring on the lights. Lights drop out when blinker is activated so others can see your blinker.

 Here is a video that shows how to program the Skene dimmers.

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