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Nomad-ADV Ducati DesertX Side Luggage Racks (Only)

Item Code: NM-DDX-SR
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Price: $194.95

Nomad-ADV Ducati DesertX Side Luggage Racks
The idea behind the side luggage racks
We do not believe in heavy steel scaffolding style luggage racks, as we feel it would be a waste to change a great bike into a Frankenstein dump truck by adding 20kg of dead weight in scaffolding and boxes alone. No matter what the salesman might tell you, adding dead weight means you need to add more spring power and damping to compensate, while it will also be harder to get it back up on the rebound too. Adding more spring power and stiffening the damping, no matter how sophisticated the suspension, will never be as good as light weight. Especially so when the going gets tough. That’s why we made an aluminum luggage rack system which is machined from billet aluminum, engineered to be lightweight and strong! We made a luggage rack specifically for throw-over enduro and horseshoe type bags. These use straps or a base which go over the seat and thereby put the weight on the seat or the rear rack, which is just where you want it and why they won’t affect the handling like hard or traditional bags do as the weight is centralised on the bike rather than hanging from the side of it. It also means we can make a much lighter rack as it merely needs to keep the bags away from your exhaust and back wheel and prevent fore, aft and sideways motion. The side racks don’t need to take the full weight of your luggage and thus don’t need to be stupidly heavy, which means your bike can stay as light as possible while you still have strong side racks. 

Why a side luggage rack for so called rack-less enduro saddlebags and horse-shoe bags?
The Desert X is a perfect bike for enduro saddlebags or a horseshoe type enduro bag, something like the Mosko Moto or Enduristan for instance. You’ll keep all the advantages of a proper off-road capable adventure bike and yet can take your luggage to that beautiful spot in the middle of nowhere. The rack-less type bags have three issues though. Fitting them without a rack scratches the bike, and even more so when inevitably sand gets in between the bag and your bike, creating nature’s perfect sander. Secondly, they melt when they touch the exhaust, damaging your bags and leaving a molten plastic layer on your exhaust (and heat shields work just as well as a frying pan on a hotplate). Thirdly, they’re hard to keep in place when you take the rough tracks and have some fun. That’s why we’ve made a rack especially for rack-less style bags. With our side racks you can strap the bags down quickly and properly, keep them away from the exhaust and they won’t sand through the plastics or paint. The bags won’t move and with the Mosko Moto type bags you can leave the harness in place and thus remove your luggage at the end of the day just as easily.


  • Trellis style design to compliment the bike
  • Mosko Moto and Enduristan luggage ready
  • Easy 100% bolt on
  • 100% Made in The Netherlands
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