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Yamaha Tenere T700 Pegasus Auxiliary light kit

Item Code: CIL-T7-PG
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Price: $373.95
 A T700 is a midweight ADV bike that works well with a midsized or smaller lights. Don't try to turn your T7 into a GSA by running huge lights that will get beat down in a crash or look silly on your bike.  Keep it light and nimble!

Now available in a kit form for the Yamaha Tenere T700 using crash bar mounts. Plug and play with tube mounts and everything you should need for an excellent lighting upgrade to your T700.
 This kit uses our tried-and-true lifetime warrantied Cyclops Pegasus lights in standard white or Selective yellow beam colors. Here is a link to the basic lights used in this kit. Pegasus LED Light kit
 No need to add a separate switch to the bars on this kit, you can choose from high beam activation, or a USA made Skene IQ-275X dimmer that will allow you to dim the lights on low beam using your factory headlight switch. After all adding a switch in these modern times to control your light is like going back to the dark ages. However, if that is what you want, we are happy to help and do have that option available.

    The Cyclops Pegasus LED Auxiliary light kit for the T700 sports a 10 and 25 degree beam pattern in each light. This combo offers superior beam patterns with no hot spots and overall great lighting for both on-road and off-road conditions. Grab another gear or two at night or simply be seen better by others during the daytime. For daytime conspicuity the Selective yellow versions will offer that pop that will get you noticed. 

  The Round tube mounts used in this kit are USA manufactured and offer swivel platform adjustments for getting the lights in just the right location on any set of crash bars we have seen, the mounts come with Nylon sleaves to allow for different size tubing.

 The Skene IQ-275 dimmer is fully integrated into the wire harness on the Cyclops T700 Pegasus light kit. This dimmer is adjustable from off to 100% in 10% increments without adding and switches or dials on your bike.
 This is the best setup for the T700 by far.

-E9 rated
-Polycarbonate lenses, Unbreakable!
Durable Uv resistant powder coated finish
- Hi Grade Aluminum alloy
-RF/EMI Protection
-Reverse polarity protection
-SAE J575 compliant/ Vibration resistance
- Deutch waterproof connectors
- Integrated Electronic Thermal Management (ETM)
- Available as 2 Light Set with Wiring Harness
- 6000 plus lumens for the set
- 28 watt draw per light 
- ISO 67... waterproof/dustproof
- 5600K (white)
- Life time warrantied
How to Program Dimmable Harness


Item In Cart Skene P3 Tail/Brake Lighting System
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