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Skene Iq-375 lighting controller

Item Code: IQ-375
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Price: $189.95
This controller offers 4 channels and is designed for LED lights running halo rings that can be used for blinkers and conspicuity lights.
 Lights like the Cyclops Aurora kit.
 You have the ability to run in DRL (daytime running light) mode where the halo would be on in low beam and the main auxiliary light comes on with high beams.
  at the flip of a toggle switch (not included) the lights can go into aux light mode where you have adjustable low beams in 10% increments and full blast high beams.
  The blinker channels on this product will automatically drop the auxiliary light to off once the blinker is activated, allowing others to clearly see your blinker. Designed as a supplemental blinker.
 You also have a patented flickering conspicuity mode, that can be toggled on and off.
  This product works on modern LED headlights common with the BMW, KTM, Yamaha, Honda and Triumph line.
 It also works on conventional halogen headlight bikes.

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