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Skene IQ-275X Dimmer with integrated wire harness. NEW Product!

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Price: $109.95
Now the Industries best PWM dimmer integrated into a high-quality plug and play wire harness for your motorcycle.

 Built in the USA with all USA parts. The same basic high-quality harness used in Cyclops light kits with inverted headlights.

This dimmer allows low beam to be adjusted from off to 100% in 10% increments (some lights might not like being dimmed to 10%) without adding a separate switch to the bike.
 No OLD school rheostats, switches etc.
 True PWM allows lights to dim without damaging current and voltage drops.
 Comes with Skene IQ-275X preassembled Deutch connectors used in most 2 wire LED motorcycle lights. High quality battery connections with sheathed wire throughout.
 Works on most all 2 wire LED auxiliary lights.

 You do need access to your High beam power wire. On most bikes this is as simple as locating the back of the high beam bulb or factory LED headlight wire. On BMW's like the R1200/1250GS with factory LED headlights you cannot access this wire. Any bike with halogen lights will have access to this wire. KTMs, Triumphs, Huskies, Yamahas. Hondas, HD's, RE, Aprilia's with or without LED headlights do have access to this wire.

 Can be used on UTV's,  trucks and Automobiles as well, give us a call, wire lengths will need to be modified for these applications.

 Positaps are used for high beam integration and switched power points on the bike.

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