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Pro Kit for F850GS/GSA

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Price: $956.56
Save some coin with a bundle deal while outfitting your bike with the best in value and performance. 
 Light your bike up correctly from the front to the back while giving you complete control of Auxiliary Low beam settings and brake light action.
 No handlebar switches added to your already cluttered bars! 
  The Cyclops Evolution Safety turn signals are included in this kit, Ran from the included Hexcan2 (rear only). Running the Evos from the Hexcan allows you to program how the added brake lights react and function. The Evos double the surface area of your tail light, while also offering a much brighter turn signal. The Evos also turn your front turn signals into extremely bright running lights, 1000 lumens of conspicuity lighting, inside your stock turn signals! See the evos here.https://www.cyclopsadventuresports.com/Evolution-safety-turn-signal-inserts_p_204.html

 Choose your quality Cyclops lights based on your needs, one size does not fit all here. You may need a light for a far different reason and use than the next Adventurer. This kit uses round tube mounts for crash bar mounting of the available light choices in this kit. Remember the kit also includes the Hexcan2 for total control of your lights, You can run the DRL ring on the Aurora lights as an added blinker and get low beam control of your main auxiliary light without adding switches to your already crowded bars. No other company offers as much value, versatility and complete kits as does the Cyclops pro kit for the F850GS

 This kit is designed for crash bar mounting of the Auxiliary lights, Round tube mounts are included.

  Base pricing is setup with the Aurora with DRL auxiliary lights.

 Kit includes
 Cyclops Evolution Safety Turn Signal Inserts
 Cyclops Auxiliary lights of your choice
 Round tube mounts for lights to crash bars
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