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Nomad Travel Tower 2020 701 LR

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Price: $1,259.00
This is for the 701 Long Range only

NOMAD ADV Travel tower for the 2020/21 701 LR version is a new navigation tower. 
 The Husqvarna 701LR 2020 headstock is substantially different from the 2016-2019 701 models. It required a new mounting method for our tower, which at the same time allowed us to make a few other changes as well. 
We didn’t change anything to the things you like in the previous model. It’s still the same fully bolted unibody construction which has proven itself with rally riders and hardcore travelers all over the world. 
We also kept the easy to see OEM dash position, the sturdy switches, the dual USB points and the multiple 12V charging connectors.
 The OEM wiring also still fits in place without the need of chopping or changing connectors, it’s all plug and play, but the routing into the tower of the OEM loom has been improved. 
We now use a billet machined mounting block to fit the tower to the frame, due to the new Husqvarna headstock, which if anything makes the mounting even stronger than before. What we haven’t done is made any compromises on quality! 
 - Aluminum travel tower, all fasteners and mounting kit Including side panels, unlike other kits we use No plastic side panels!
- Brackets for mounting KTM 450RR screen 
- Fairing side panels 
- Dashboard panel for original 701 dash, control lights and ABS 
- KTM450RR Screen, 
 - LED Cyclops OPR's or Baja lights 
- If Cyclops OPR's lights are selected you get one low beam light cover 
- Brake line guide 
- Fitting instructions with photos
- All parts anodized black 
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