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Nomad-ADV Front ABS Sensor Guard 701

Item Code: 270-ABS-
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Price: $38.95
Front ABS sensor protector for the new 2020 onwards Husqvarna Enduro, SM and LR Both ABS sensors, and the cables to them, are totally unprotected on the 701. Rocks and sticks bombard the sensors while one twig in the wrong place will rip the cable right off, which is why we've made protectors for both of them. This inexpensive but strong rear sensor protector takes care of both the rear wheel sensor and the cable to it. Made from 4 mm solid marine grade aluminium, precision cut and wedge formed to bounce off rocks and sticks. Can stay in place to facilitate easy wheel removal and fit. Beautifully finished in anodised Husqvarna blue. Comes complete with stainless steel fasteners and takes less than 5 minutes to fit. A top quality product for a very modest price.
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