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Nomad-ADV Ducati DesertX Rear Rack (Only)

Item Code: NM-DDX-R
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Price: $225.00
The Nomad Ducati DesertX Luggage Rear Rack 

The Nomad-ADV Ducati DesertX Rear and side rack have been specially designed to perfectly fit the Enduristan and Mosko Moto bags. 
The strongest rear rack, we believe 
The Ducati Desert X does not have rear luggage rack fitment points, so we made our own! Not another bend scaffold style rack, but a beautifully machined aluminum mounts in Ducati Trellis style. The rack is based around two aluminum clamps which clamp around the frame tube, adjustable to allow for frame variations (so no need to bend or hammer it into place!) Stable, solid and compliments the looks of the Desert-X. Our own design and made in our own workshop from Billet Swiss made aluminium. Our rack does NOT use the side rack mounting points, so you can still fit side racks of your choice, including our own. Works with the optional rear tanks too. 

The rear luggage plate is angled at the sides for better support of your bag, while the slots in the plate are big enough to slide buckles through. You will notice that we haven’t gone overboard with all sorts of holes and slots in the luggage plate, as its function is to support your bag rather than damage it. All corners and edges are rounded or chamfered to avoid damage to bags and straps. Finished in hard anodised black and titanium for maximum durability.

The idea behind the side luggage racks
We do not believe in heavy steel scaffolding style luggage racks, as we feel it would be a waste to change a great bike into a Frankenstein dump truck by adding 20kg of dead weight in scaffolding and boxes alone. No matter what the salesman might tell you, adding dead weight means you need to add more spring power and damping to compensate, while it will also be harder to get it back up on the rebound too. Adding more spring power and stiffening the damping, no matter how sophisticated the suspension, will never be as good as light weight. Especially so when the going gets tough. That’s why we made an aluminium luggage rack system which is machined from billet aluminum, engineered to be lightweight and strong! We made a luggage rack specifically for throw-over enduro and horseshoe type bags. These use straps or a base which go over the seat and thereby put the weight on the seat or the rear rack, which is just where you want it and why they won’t affect the handling like hard or traditional bags do as the weight is centralized on the bike rather than hanging from the side of it. It also means we can make a much lighter rack as it merely needs to keep the bags away from your exhaust and back wheel and prevent fore, aft and sideways motion. The side racks don’t need to take the full weight of your luggage and thus don’t need to be stupidly heavy, which means your bike can stay as light as possible while you still have strong side racks. 


  • Trellis style design to compliment the bike
  • Rear rack rated to 20kg
  • Mosko Moto and Enduristan luggage ready
  • Easy 100% bolt on
  • 100% Made in The Netherlands

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