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KTM/Husqvarna SpYder Wire

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The SpYder Wire is the Cyclops answer for your accessory power needs on KTM and Husqvarna.

Most KTM/Husqvarna bikes with headlights will have both ACC1 (constant power from battery) and ACC2 (switched power from your key) behind the headlight housing or under the seat.  See your specific model and service manual for the location for these accessory ports.

The OEM/Stock ACC1 or ACC2 port only allows the user to plug one single accessory item into each port. Many riders wish to have two items on constant power, example would be a GPS and USB charging port, and do not wish to cut their factory wiring harness to add additional accessory ports.

The Cyclops SpYder Wire allows you to add an accessory to each OEM/Stock power port and still have an additional port to attach another accessory.  This is a plug and play two-pronged accessory jumper wire system for powering multiple accessories

 acc1 and acc2 versions are interchangeable, the difference is the acc2 Syder wire has an extra port.

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