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NOMAD KTM 790 and 890 ADV/Rally - Billet Fuel Filler

Item Code: NM-BFF
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No more broken keys...
And no more dirt or dust in your tank!

KTM 790/890 fuel filler caps are notorious for breaking keys, which is not only expensive but also leaves you stranded as you can’t open the cap to fill the tank, or start the bike as the ignition key is broken. But even if the key doesn’t break, then the OEM cap design can result in dirt, dust and water entering your fuel tank when you open the cap. At best the dirt will only clog your fuel filter, but more likely damage the fuel pump and block the injector too.

• Beautifully billet machined
• Anodised fuel cap and filler neck
• Simple installation
• Stronger than OEM
• Connects to OEM carbon canister
• Does not effect emission control systems 
• Can be used in combination with a tankbag (no vent hose in the way)
• Fits all 790/890 ADV/Rally models
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