How to Install a Motorcycle Light Kit
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How to Install Motorcycle Light Kit

Hi Folks! I’m Darryl from Cyclops Adventure Sports. We’re a manufacturer of LED motorcycle lighting, aftermarket motorcycle LED headlights, and auxiliary LED motorcycle lights, as well as a few other electronic components. Today I’m going to show you how to install an LED light kit on a motorcycle.

We’re here today working on this 2017 Husky 501 motorcycle. We’re going to replace the stock halogen light with an LED headlight bulb. This same LED kit also works in the KTM 250 to 500, 2014 to present, the Husqvarna 250 to 501, 2015 to present, as well as the Husky 701.

Alright this is our KTM dirt bike kit that replaces the factory halogen motorcycle lights on the KTM dirt bikes from 2014 to present as well as the Husqvarna 701, Husky 250s to 501s for 2015 and newer. It comes with a replacement rear cover, so you’re not cutting and hacking up your factory parts. You can completely go back to stock if you ever desire to, without ruining any parts.

How to Install Light Kit on Motorcycle

So here we’ve got the basic LED H4 bulb. We’ve got our KTM adaptor so that’s going to plug right into your factory harness. And then we’ve got a replacement O ring.

So what we’re going to do to get started here is we’re just going to remove the headlight and get rollin’. It doesn’t really take many tools, so we’re pretty much going to do this by hand. It’s not all that hard to install an LED motorcycle light kit yourself.

Just simply pop your side straps off. Pull back. Undo your wiring for your front brake. Pull the headlight back. Disconnect the factory plug and any blinkers you might have. And the headlight simply comes off.

Alright, here we have the rear of your factory motorcycle headlight. We’ve got the factory plug, the factory motorcycle parking light, which our LED kit does omit. You could wire it back in there if you wanted to; we don’t see it as necessary, so our basic kit omits it.

Once you’ve got all this done, simply pull this out, take and give this stock bulb a counterclockwise turn and remove.

Go ahead and set that aside.

The only piece you’re going to reuse of this whole unit is the factory motorcycle parking light bulb. We’re actually going to cut that to plug the hole.

Alright, now that we’ve got the stock LED bulb out of the motorcycle headlight unit, we’re going to go ahead and prepare our parking light bulb by cutting the wires and, in this case, we just put a little bit of heat shrink around the end of it.

It’s not going to be reconnected to anything and we’re going to go ahead and plug that back in the hole. If you don’t want to cut that off your stock bulb, you simply could put cork, a piece of tape, something like that. You want to plug that hole because if you don’t, dust, dirt, and moisture is going to get in there.

Once that’s completed, we want to take our replacement Cyclops LED bulb (from the dirt bike kit), it does come with a replacement O ring. You want to fit that right into the hole, into the surround, it should be there already but make sure it is.

You’ll notice there is a block inside of the replacement rear cover, as you’re looking down on that, you want that to be on the righthand side of the center tab of the H4 LED bulb. That’s very important or you’ll never get this in.

You also have a tab, a fourth tab, that looks different than the other three down at the bottom of the replacement cover. It’s important that that goes on the bottom of the motorcycle headlight.

Once you get that all set up, similar to this, go ahead and place it in place. Turn the H4 LED bulb so that the cord is near the bottom. Then simply push this down a little bit and give it a turn.

Sometimes it’s a little tough, but it should go right in there. Click in. And there we go.

Now what we do with the driver is, the kit comes with a piece of dual lock. You’ll want to put the piece of dual lock, make sure you clean the back of your headlight, and then put your piece of dual lock, well right about there is a good place for it. Wrap the cord around and just install your driver so that that can’t go anywhere.

That dual lock is really strong. It’s not going to come off, as long as you did a decent cleaning the back of the headlight.

Now you’ve got your plug coming down and this is going to plug right into your factory plug on the bike. This headlight is now ready to be reinstalled.

Alright, now I’ve got our LED replacement bulb in the Husqvarna housing. Note that I’ve got the bulb so that it’s sitting parallel to the ground. It’s not tilted over to one side or the other. This bulb is capable of turning in it’s housing, so make sure that’s all nice and straight and level.

How to Install motorcycle LED light kit

Once you’ve got that done, go ahead and place the LED headlight back on the bike. It’s relatively simple. First thing I like to do is to go ahead and plug in the connector. Once that’s done, place it on the post and get your rubber straps back behind the forks. Make sure we’re in the pins.

At this point, I’ll come over and grab the other side. Get your rubber straps on. And then take care of your brake lines.

That’s it. Low beam. High beam. Great motorcycle LED lights.

One thing I want to mention with this light kit is that it is DOT compliant. There’s an awful lot of people running around today with lights that are not DOT. And, that’s fine. To each their own. I’m not going to chastise anybody on such a thing.

But, one thing that our LED kit has an advantage of is that it does have a low beam cutoff. It’s imperative not to be pissing other people off coming at you on the road with your lights. Some people don’t care about that. I do and I hope you are also a responsible motorcycle rider.

Once again, I’m Darryl at Cyclops Adventure Sports, here to show you how to install a Cyclops LED motorcycle kit. Please visit our website at Or, give us a call 1 (800) 624-0278.

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