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Camel ADV T7 Anti Bobble Head

Item Code: 266-T7B
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Price: $69.00
Camel ADV'S Yamaha 700 Tenere Anti-Bobble head.

The first thing we noticed when we rode the new 700 Tenere is that the gauge cluster looked like it wasn't even bolted to the bike. Did someone on the assembly line forget some fasteners? The T7 is a great bike... why is the cluster trying to jump off?! Why does the headlight look like a strobe light at night when traveling down a rough road? Great news, they don't need to do that. With our Anti-Bobble-Head Kit (ABH) installed, the gauges stay where they should and the headlight will no longer induce seizures (hyperbole). Constructed of 304 stainless steel that's TIG welded then powder-coated, the ABH brackets look great, are easy to install and really firm up the front end of your bike!

 *One "kit" is a pair*

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