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Skene P3 Tail/Brake Lighting System

Skene P3 Tail/Brake Lighting System

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P3 Lights Features & Benefits
The P3 Lights rear visibility lighting system adds two rows of very bright, computer-controlled LEDs on each side of your motorcycle's rear license plate, supplementing your bike's existing tail light and brake light. Compatible with all motorcycle brands, the system includes an intelligent control module, two red Photon Booster LED modules, and all necessary mounting brackets and electrical connectors. The P3 Lights system can be installed on any motorcycle, and does not interfere with the vehicle's electrical system, including CANbus systems. It can also be connected to your bike's stock tail and brake light, converting it into a flashing brake light (see wiring diagram below). You can even convert the stock top case light in BMW K1600GT and R1200RT model to a combined tail light/flashing brake light (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS).

Conspicuity Flicker Increases Visibilty (Protected by US Patent No. 7,928,660)
A unique and extremely effective feature of the P3 Lights is their exclusive conspicuity flicker that dramatically increases your bike's visibility compared to normal tail lights. The LEDs have been designed to flicker at a specific flicker rate that maximizes your motorcycle's visibility to other drivers without being distracting. Utilizing a high-speed microprocessor and fast-acting, high-intensity LEDs, the P3 Lights system takes advantage of the difference in the speed of response between our eye's peripheral field of view compared to its central view. By rapidly modulating the LED's brightness at a specific rate, the LEDs have a noticeable flicker when viewed out of the corner of the eye yet appear to be at a contant brightness when viewed directly. This unique feature significantly enhances your motorcycle's conspicuity, especially to the inattentive driver. The disappearance of the flicker when viewed directly eliminates any chance of target fixation.

Shortens Stopping Distance and Reaction Time
In addition to adding much brighter lights, the use of rapid acting LEDs in the brake light circuit reduces the time it takes for the lights to reach maximum brightness compared to a normal incandescent bulb. This allows the driver behind you to see that you are braking sooner that he otherwise would, resulting in up to a 17 foot shorter stopping distance at 60 mph.

Another feature of P3 Lights is that when the brakes are applied the LEDs flash rapidly at a frequency shown by independent research to reduce the reaction time of drivers by an average of up to 0.2 seconds. This unique feature provides another 17 foot reduction in stopping distance at 60 mph compared to the conventional flash rate of other LED brake lights.

Emergency Flasher
P3 Lights include three selectable, highly visible emergency flashers. One is similar to a normal 4-way flasher while the other two are much more attention getting. These three flasher modes are easily enabled simply by using the brake lever or pedal, and provide a very effective warning to traffic behind you.

Selectable Tail Light Brightness
P3 Lights include the ability to select three different tail light brightnesses. While they normally operate at 25% of the brake light brightness, we offer a 40% brightness setting for rain and fog conditions. This provides a distinct visibility advantage, plus peace of mind, when riding in poor weather conditions. A third tail light brightness option shuts the tail light off completely, turning the system into a brake light only.

P3 Lights' brake flashing sequence, conspicuity flicker, emergency flash pattern and tail light brightness are all programmable, simply by tapping on the brake lever. For more information, click on the Programming link in the P3 Lights menu on the left.

In addition to powering the included pair of red Photon Booster LED modules, the P3 Lights system can be expanded by adding additional red Photon Boosters or other tail/brake lights. The P3 Lights system can supply up to 6 amps of current. Our LED modules draw 0.15amps, so this equates to 40 LED modules. These additional LED modules can be mounted on your bike's side cases or top case using our Side Case Kit.

We have designed P3 Lights so that it supplements the existing tail light rather than replacing it as other designs do. This provides three valuable benefits:
- increases the overall lit area visible to traffic behind you
- eliminates bulb-out errors caused by a change in operating current (it is fully CANbus compatible)
- provides an important redundancy feature should the stock tail or brake light bulb go out

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