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Rally Fairing Husqvarna/Husaberg FE450/501 Yenkro Fairing Kit 12-16

Rally Fairing Husqvarna/Husaberg FE450/501 Yenkro Fairing Kit 12-16

Price: $1,400.00
Item Code:CIL- HKY-Yenkro-501
What makes the Yenkro rally fairing kit different? 
Crash tested... again and again We all know that if you aren't crashing you aren't trying hard enough so with that in mind this kit has been designed to take a hit and bounce back. 

 Due to its urethane rubber mounting system and tough panel the Yenkro Rally Fairing will literally bounce back from knocks and nudges expected while on the more challenging and technical trails. In that big off that we all hope never happens the tower protects itself and the accessories mounted to it by swivelling sideways on impact, this limits any damage caused to the bike, kit and your expensive accessories. 

 Reclaim your handlebars 
Fitting the kit allows you to move your GPS and other accessories up on to the dash panel and into view. This clears the deck and frees up your once cluttered handle bars making GPS navigation on the move a much safer and less stressful exercise. Having any gauges or warning lights up on the dash and in view allows you to keep an eye on things without having to look down and away from where you're going for too long. Designed to fit the 12-16 ktm model FE Husabergs and Husqvarnas Designed to turn your enduro weapon into a mile munching adv bike. After the initial install swapping between enduro mode and adventure mode can be done in under 5 minutes.

 Fairing Kit is available in white , no real need for painting, these fairing kits are bolt on ready and of extremely high quality mix of  Lightweight Fiberglass, Diolen and Basalt Fiber, add a sticker kit for that factory look! 
 Complete with headlight and front blinkers
 The kit is designed to work with bikes fitted with the 20l acerbis/powerparts oversize fuel tank 
 Husqvarna fe450/501 14-16 Fits with ktm 5.3gal acerbis tanks with some seat mods 
 Husaberg fe450/501 13-14 Fits with the ktm 5.4gal acerbis tank with some seat mods.
 The kit comes with everything needed to fit to your bike with no permanent mods required to your bike.

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