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R1200GS LED Headlight Bulb Kit 8000 lumen set

R1200GS LED Headlight Bulb Kit 8000 lumen set

Price: $129.90
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Item Code:CIL-LEDMD-R1200GS
This powerful LED Headlight Bulb kit includes two custom 6th Generation 4000 Lumen Cyclops bulbs that fit and work great in the R1200GS, GSA and LT/RT all years on the GS. Get vastly improved night time riding performance as well as daytime conspicuity out of your stock BMW headlight housing. No canbus issues or codes. Features Cree MKR LED emitters for long life and the best beam patterns in the industry. No mods to the factory caps required. Everything fits inside your factory headlight.
- Completely Canbus compatible
- Simple Install
- 8000 Lumens (4000 Lumens per LED light)
- 5700K
- Vibration & Water Proof
- IP68 Rated
- One Year Full Warranty

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Customer Reviews Customer Reviews
5 Stars
Are you kidding me?
I was lucky enough to catch the Cyclops guys at the 2016 Overland rally in Mormon lake Az several weeks ago. After talking with greg and daryl for a while I decided to give the Gs led bulb kit a try. It was nice to see the day time differnce in terms of conspicuity, but it wasn't until a few weeks latter that I really was able to appreciate the performance difference in light output. These LED bulbs are the single biggest bang for the buck difference a product has made to my GSA. They truly are worth the hype.
Reviewed by:  from Prescott AZ. - 6/7/2016
5 Stars
Brilliant Stuff
Money well spent. Great product and Great service. Thank you
Reviewed by:  from UK. - 3/5/2018
5 Stars
8000 Lumens Headlight Kit
To Whom It May Concern, Got the bulbs installed the other day and finally went for a night time ride last night. After some minor adjustments, HOLY HELL those lights are bright! And then flip on the high beam? I was considering some aftermarket driving lights to help, not anymore. Installations was a breeze too. I had to replace the rubber grommet under the light assembly as well and the whole operation took about 25 minutes start to finish (I cheated and watched the video first). Thanks for such a quality product Cyclops Adventure Sports.
Reviewed by:  from Ajijic, Mexico. - 8/16/2017
5 Stars
The best led bulbs I have installed, the difference with other LED bulbs is huge, the quality of the best I have seen, very easy to install and is not necessary to modify anything on the bike, the night has become day! Thank you!
Reviewed by:  from Spain. - 2/20/2017
5 Stars
Money Well Spent ;)
These LED upgrades are simply amazing!! Follow the instructions and they're very easy to install. The sensational white light and clear brightness makes a miraculous difference which is un-comparable to standard bulbs. On top of that, the service this company provides is second to none. Get these - you won't be disappointed.
Reviewed by:  from Australia. - 1/11/2017
5 Stars
Changed My World
It is a amazing product. I put it to my GS and it took only 10-15 minutes. Result is shocking, when i turned it on. Night become a day.. Unbelievable performance during a ride. Now i can see every part of the road and everbody can see me in the traffic. I disturbed only some low cars while i follow them close in the traffic but who cares, now they let me pass them. As a result, your light search ends here, i strongly recommend it to buy..
Reviewed by:  from Istanbul, Turkey. - 10/17/2016
5 Stars
Greatest Upgrade!!
I don't even know where to begin. The installation on my 08' BMW R1200RT was straight forward and easy. The excess wiring was easy to tuck behind the lamp assembly. I had my doubts. I am not one to swerve from a stock proven bike. But I really wanted more light from my headlight. I did a bunch of research like a typical BMW owner and decided to pull the trigger on Cyclops. I am so impressed with the performance of the light. It floods the roadway so much better than stock along with distance coverage and roadway edge coverage. There are no dark areas in the light either. And with high beam, it is incomparable to the stock halogen light. It is a little pricey, but well worth the upgrade. And it is one you can install yourself. I wasn't too concerned about visibility, so I can't say if it's more visible or not, but the nighttime light coverage is amazing. The crisp white light allows you to make out the imperfections in the roadway and seems to help with depth perception as well. Very very happy customer. And if my next bike doesn't come with a LED headlight, I will definitely be purchasing another Cyclops bulb.
Reviewed by:  from Danville Ca. - 10/13/2016
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