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Pro Kit for KTM 1090, 1190 & 1290T

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We absolutely love the Big KTM's Over the years we have raced and ridden them all across the country. With this kit get the very best lighting setup available for the bike with a bundle discount. Note with this kit aux lights will be on during high beam operation and off in low beam. We do have options for dimming the light bar and or the Long Range lights. wide beam filters for the long range are not a bad Idea as well. We will be refining the list adding more products as time goes on. 

Please note that additional discount promotions are not applicable to this kit.

KTM 1090/1190/1290 ADV LED Bulb Replacement Kit

No more resistors! New 4.8 high performance bulb, We designed a new driver specifically for the 1090,1190 and 1290T. Now 9600 Lumens! 

Canbus compatible plug and play LED headlight bulb Kit - Includes 2X 38 watt 4800 lumen LED headlight bulbs using the latest Cree emitters. Low heat and plug and play. New for the KTM 1090/1190/1290 ADV.

- Easy Install
- All metal construction
- 5600K
- 30 Watt per LED Bulb
- One Year Warranty

KTM 1090/1190/1290 ADV LED Light Bar Kit

This KTM 1090/1190/1290 ADV Kit offers our extremely popular combo beam light bar in a plug and play kit for the Big KTM. All  mounting hardware and bike specific wiring harness included. This does not fit the 2017/18 1290R, that product will be available shortly.

Get your auxiliary light in a compact package that is out of the way and really does the job. Features 25-degree beam patterns in the outer two emitters, and 10-degree beam patterns in the center 4 emitters for great distance and field lighting. Operates from the factory high beam switch.

- Plug and Play
- 3000 Lumens
- Color Temperature: 5800K
- IP68 Rated
- Lifetime Warranty

Pegasus LED Light Kit

Now a lifetime warrantied LED light set at a budget friendly price.. and not made in China. The new Cyclops Pegasus led light set comes complete with a high quality relayed wire harness and a potent combo light beam pattern. 

These lights feature Cree 5 watt emitters with two 10 degree and two 25 degree optics, Good for 300 ft of lighting. This combo beam pattern offers good forward lighting and extremely good conspicuity. The light set is available in white 5600K or a extremely bright Amber, perfect to allow those autos to see you. Lightweight and robust at 2.75 inches with a single stud mounting, they fit just about anywhere you would like to mount your lights.

- Canbus compatible
- 4800 lumens for the set
- 20 watt draw per light
- ISO 67... waterproof
- 5600K (white)
- Lifetime warrantied

Long Range Optimus LED Auxiliary Light Round

Utilizing an all new proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology, the Long Range series provides the ultimate focus for long range lighting by producing 883 ft. of usable light from a single 3.5" tall, 10-watt LED. Compared to a standard 55 watt low beam headlight reach of 88 ft. and a standard 65 watt high beam reach of 153 ft. 

Optimus lights also feature Cyclops Prime Drive technology for integrated thermal management and dimming capabilities. 

Now available are Filters for the Long Range Round Lights. These drastically change the beam pattern and offer a tunable lighting solution. You can run one wide angle filter and one spot, or two wide beam pattern filters. Mix or match for a very tunable system. Amber filters are great for fog or adverse conditions as well making a huge difference with conspicuous lighting. 

Key Features 
- 883' of Usable Light from 10-watt LED 
- Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology 
- PWM Integrated Dimming Circuitry 
- Integrated Electronic Thermal Management (ETM) 
- Available as 2 Light Set with Wiring Harness 

Evolution Safety Turn Signal Inserts

What is the single biggest threat to Motorcyclist today? Being hit by autos who did not see us. The team here at Cyclops are lifetime riders and want to help you be seen. 

Simply put our new Evolution Safety Turn signal inserts are the single biggest thing you can do to your bike to be seen from the front or the rear. The Evolution Safety inserts turn your front blinkers to bright white driving lights and your rear blinkers into intensely bright red brake lights, all while providing incredibly bright blinker and hazard lights in amber.  All factory functions are retained.

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