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Nomad Rally Tower Kit Husqvarna 701 2016-2019

Item Code: CIL-NOMAD701
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Price: $1,224.00

Designing a proper Husqvarna Adventure Bike

With the Cyclops advantage =
Plug-and-Play Wire Harness & Choice of Light Beam Patterns (cyclops light choice only)


 This kit will work up to the 2019 models. All aluminum construction, No plastic side panels, unlike all the other kits on the market.

Right from the start we wanted our Husqvarna 701 Nomad to look and feel like a proper Husqvarna should. We also wanted nothing but top quality materials and workmanship in order to achieve the level of quality we were after. We do all our machining in-house, apart from the laser cutting, to get the level of quality we want. This is not a middle of the road adv kit but a top spec, road legal and long range travel bike, and unlike others comes at a reasonably price. We use the KTM 450RR Rally screen which has been tested in the Dakar at speeds of 170 km/hr.! and has proven to work.

Heated grips, heated vests and being able to charge a multitude of digital gizmos is no longer just a luxury, so we accommodated for it. It's also one of the reasons why we use LED headlights (which are E-marked for road use), to reduce the power drawn from the charging system, which means you have more available for accessories. We didn't go the easy way and fit the dinky little ones used elsewhere (most of which aren't E-marked) but opted for the Cyclops plug and play long range units in optional beam pattern choices. These do include a filter for proper low beam patters so you are not pissing off oncoming drivers or police. Yes they are more expensive but they give a serious amount of light and have the option to change the type of beam by simply changing the cover. We made each headlight individually adjustable in all directions. Cyclops Long range lights offer a usable light of up to 850ft in spotlight form. The light kit we have comes complete with protective covers, which have a silicone seal to prevent dust between cover and light.

Plenty of electrical options
Our adventure tower has room for up to 12 USB charging points or up to 6 standard 12V connectors or any combination thereof. We've also incorporated 6 options for RAM-mounts as they are in our opinion the best and most versatile way to mount items like a GPS, satellite tracker, Go-Pro etc. On the dash you'll find all the original Husqvarna warning lights, the ABS button in an easy to reach position and the original digital speedo from Trail Tech, which is now also easily readable when you are standing on the pegs. Apart from a change in the headlight cable (as we use two headlights instead of one) there is no change in the Husqvarna wiring at all. All connectors can be re-used. You'll also find the option of 4 extra switches above in the dash panel which can be used for spotlights, heated vests and/or grips plus whatever else you want to fit. We use sturdy European made switches which can handle up to 15 Amps, no need for an extra relay. 15 Amps is more than ample for just about anything but a 12V kettle...

Adventure tower or Rally tower?
Well, actually both. The tower was originally designed as an Adventure tower. We used all our experience and technical knowledge done up in the field (which culminated into a motorcycling world record) to build a tower that works for a traveler. Most rally towers block too much of your vision. You can't see the front wheel when going slowly over the remains of that old bridge or the rock and hole infested track leading up to it, and they are too high. When you look at the photos you'll see that, unlike with most rally towers, a large portion of the KTM Rally screen fitted to our adventure tower is un-blocked to allow full view of what's ahead. And that is despite having the tallest GPS fitted in the photo, as a conventional Motorcycle GPS is much lower and can be fitted as well.

But then we started to received more and more comments that it has all the basics to make it into a very good rally tower as well… That's why we've developed, together with a rally bike builder, a rally kit for it. It's a simple yet flexible and sturdy addition to the Nomad tower, which can be bolted on without disassembling the tower. For more details see here.

There is plenty of vision on each side of the tower, which is kept as narrow as possible. Inside the tower you'll find the original Husqvarna wiring, no need to cut and splice, it's all out of the weather and no dangling mess of wires on the outside either. All the power for charging points and switches comes through it's own cable and fuses, directly from the battery. We're thus not putting any extra strain on the original wiring. Your warranty is thus unaffected.

Kit includes:
- 701 Nomad Adventure tower fits 2016-2019
- KTM450RR Dakar screen
- 2X LED E-marked
- Cyclops Headlights (Your choice of beam patterns, with plug-and-play harness)
-  Cyclops low beam headlight cover

Not included in the basic kit:
- Toggle switches
- USB charging points
- 12V Accessory outlets
- RAM mounts (tower comes pre-drilled for up to 5 mounts) 

- Sticker kits 

- rear racks

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