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Nomad ADV KTM 690 Travel tower 2012 - 2018

Item Code: Nomad-690
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Price: $1,224.00
Introducing the KTM 690 Nomad
 Ever since we introduced the Husqvarna 701 Nomad, we received questions if the 701 kit will fit the 690.
  Short answer: No it won't. The 690 frame is different to the 701 in several ways.
  There is a different dashboard and the mounting to the rear is different too. The KTM 690 Nomad is thus based on the 701 Nomad design but there are only 3 interchangeable parts: the screen, the screen mounting brackets and the machined cross members… the rest is all new! Mounting the tower to the headstock is done using machined clamps which bolt on to the headstock (no welding or drilling required to the frame). 
  Obviously the KTM 690 will benefit from a modification or two to make it a real long distance bike. We've therefore designed the travel-tower/fairing, a luggage rack that can take a duffle bag, a proper skid/bash plate which unlike many others also protects the frame, a brake cylinder protector, bar risers in various sizes and upgraded suspension front and rear. all available through Cyclops. 
 - Aluminium travel tower,Powder coated black, complete with fasteners and mounting kit
 - Cyclops long range lights in your choice of beam patterns
 - one Cyclops light filter for low beam DOT beam pattern - plug and play harness for lights, one on for low beam, both on for high beam 
- 2 Brackets for mounting KTM 450RR screen
 - KTM 450RR Screen
 - Ready to accept original 690 dashboard

Not included in the basic kit:
- Toggle switches
- USB charging points
- 12V Accessory outlets
- RAM mounts (tower comes pre-drilled for up to
5 mounts) 
- Sticker kits
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