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Multi Function 3.0 Turn Signal Kits, Discontinued, replacement units are available.

Item Code: CIL-MF3
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Price: $139.95
We have discontinued manufacturing these signals.  We do have warranty replacements and replacements for crash damage available. If you have a warranty issue or broke one, please email us.

Now available are the New Tuff lights nearly unbreakable blinkers. Check them out here.

Assembled and Qa'd in the USA

Note that we are still working on New videos etc. for this product. the videos shown are of the MF2, still photos are the new MF3 setup, We will get that done ASAP, functions are the same other than the MF3 package is capable of a rear running and brake light.
 We have now added the LED flasher to all kits, no more figuring out what your bike might need. and everyone's dash light will blink as stock. If it is listed as a kit it will be complete with EVERYTHING you need for a proper install.  Note that bikes like the DR will need the single indicator dash light kit. Please read below.
   We have heard you on wanting a brighter setup and have stepped it up with the 3.0 version,  all new bodies, lenses Emitters and stems. We are also adding a running and brake light function.

 Note that these are a minimalistic blinker setup, don't expect them to breathe fire like our Evo's will, But they do add a brake light and front running light functions, there is also a rear running light function, but for our personal bikes we have not used this so the brake light function stands out more when the brake is applied. There will be slightly different strobing action, when the rear running light is not used. You can make that choice when setting up your bike.

If you have a single indicator light for the blinkers that is not built into the display and is not LED you will need the diode kit (AKA DR650)  If it is built in to the speedo display it should not require the diode kit. AKA 790adv, 701adv. 690 adv (BUILT IN) older 690s with separate indicator light do need the diode kit.. AND ALL OTHER KTMS THAT ARE TWIN CYLINDER BIKES do not need the diode kit.
 all 500 and smaller CC KTM's and huskies will need the diode kit.

 Now available in a plug and play, all inclusive kit for the Yamaha T7, Including all New carbon fiber/nylon super rugged block off plates to cover those huge holes left after the stock units are removed. all functions work including the blinking dash light. includes all Yamaha connectors, other than a posi-tap for brake light wire. new additions are full length wires to the rear, no more bullet connector sub harness on the T7 kits. The only purpose built T7 blinker kit available!

We built these originally around the KTM790/890adv (USA models), for that bike  you don't need any of the options. Same with KTM990adv 2010 and newer and KTM 1090,1190adv. 
Note that these are not intended for the EU bikes that came stock with LED Blinkers.
For other bikes please look over the options. Note we have not tested or state these will work on other model bikes in the same family, IE SMR, Duke , etc..

Now easily turn your blinkers into additional running lights and or brake lights (rear) for added visibility.
Bright white light in the front and red in the rear. . Rear red brake lights will come on sequentially flashing then go to solid red (if you don't hook up the running light) If you do hook up the running light brake lights will get brighter when the brake is applied.
Dazzling bright Amber sequential blinker functions. 
All in a rubberized stock to help prevent damage from a tip over or impact with brush, trees etc. They do now have a much harder rubberized stem. They will bend, but are stiff, durable but not unbreakable.
Plug and play kits using factory connectors for all KTMs and Huskies and the T700 Yamaha.. also available is a generic kit with Bullet connectors supplied, Great for your DR or almost any other bike with a single post blinker setup. These should work well on most other brand bikes that use a flasher, but you will have to add the connectors that are included in the kit.

 Using a tail tidy that includes built in blinkers with these units can cause back feed problems, we do know that the Rottweiler tailtidy works well with these units using the LED flasher.
Available in a kit with all four, or kits for front or rear.
Perfect for KTM EXC 250, 350, 500, 690ADV, 790ADV, 890ADV 950, 990, 1090, 1190, 2007 and newer.  Husky 350, 501,701
These will not work on the 1290R or S with the factory LED headlight, They will work on the halogen headlight 1290's
These do not fit the KTM390!

We do have kits for all early KTMs not listed as well, please inquire.
Other models coming soon.

 1 year function warranty. Note: Crash damage or knocking off the blinker housing is not covered under warranty.

These videos are of the older version
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