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Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Item Code: CIL-TPMS1
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Tire pressure alert system
Price: $129.95
What is the single most important item on your bike? 
If you think about it, probably the most overlooked and potential self-inflicted hazard for us riders - tire pressure and leaks from impalement's while we ride. 
Now you can monitor that with the Cyclops Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
Get real time info on tire pressures and tire air temperature. Now with Celsius and Fahrenheit readouts.
 Note that this devise is for monitoring and should not be used as the sole judgement for how much air is in your tires, generally the device is within 10% of the actual air pressure. Please also note that the screen can be hard to see in direct sunlight or with polarized glasses. The red warning light and audible alarm are very noticeable should there be an issue with your pressures. We do not want riders getting fixated on a display.
A huge safety advantage, know what your tire pressures are while riding. 
Easy to install and operate, this system uses replacement valve caps to actually show your tires current air pressure and temperature on the multi-color display.
Set an audible alarm for low and high pressure warnings. Red warning light for parameter deviations.
We recommend using metal valve stems when using this product.

- See leaks as they happen, slow leak warning
- Monitor tire pressure for varying conditions
- Monitor tire air temperature for possible increases (reads in Celsius & Fahrenheit)
- Set tire pressure low and high alarms separately for front and rear tires
- Runs from 12V dc power, No replacing batteries or recharging on the display.
- Wireless sensors use an internal battery
- Mounts on dash or handle bars
- 2 sensors included
- Switchable from Bar to PSI
- Waterproof
- Two year warranty on monitor & sensors
- Unit comes with batteries installed, however batteries may need to be replaced due to limited shelf life. Batteries required: CR1632

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