Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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What is the single most important item on your bike? 
If you think about it, probably the most overlooked and potential self-inflicted hazard for us riders - tire pressure and leaks from impalement's while we ride. 
Now you can monitor that with the Cyclops Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
Get real time info on tire pressures and tire air temperature. Now with Celsius and Fahrenheit readouts.
 Note that this devise is for monitoring and should not be used as the sole judgement for how much air is in your tires, generally the device is within 10% of the actual air pressure.
A huge safety advantage, know what your tire pressures are while riding. 
Easy to install and operate, this system uses replacement valve caps to actually show your tires current air pressure and temperature on the multi-color display.
Set an audible alarm for low and high pressure warnings. Red warning light for parameter deviations.
We recommend using metal valve stems when using this product.

- See leaks as they happen, slow leak warning
- Monitor tire pressure for varying conditions
- Monitor tire air temperature for possible increases (reads in Celsius & Fahrenheit)
- Set tire pressure low and high alarms separately for front and rear tires
- Runs from 12V dc power, No replacing batteries or recharging on the display.
- Wireless sensors use an internal battery
- Mounts on dash or handle bars
- 2 sensors included
- Switchable from Bar to PSI
- Waterproof
- Two year warranty

Warning - Cancer & Reproductive Harm -
This product may contain chemicals that are known in the state of California to cause harm.
Works very well
I have been using the system for a number of years now on my Husky 701 which sees a lot of hard use. Had to change the batteries after 2 seasons. Last year the display fogged after a multiple day ride in the pouring rain as did the factory dash. I dried it out and applied some sealant and it has been working great. Display can be hard to read with sunglasses on or in bright light. On a ride the first year I had it I thought the front end felt a little odd and looked down and saw the pressure dropping. Sure enough I had I flat. As someone who has crashed before on the highway due to a nail in my front tire I can say it was well worth it.
Reviewed by:  from Montreal. on 3/29/2021
Just got the unit installed for this riding season and it is something every rider needs. Yes the screen could be a bit brighter but if you install it with direct view as mine is a bit tilted then it is not quite perfect. But I can not say it is a deal breaker at all. I do have a suggestion for a added feature and that would be to add ambient temperature , it could be wired or wireless. I can say once you use it then you will see the benefit.
Reviewed by:  from Weston, WV. on 5/30/2020
It’s very evident that these people are proud of this product. The packaging was the first sign of that. It’s well thought out and functional. The product works exactly as I needed. I’m using it to monitor tire pressure on a Mini Mate trailer. I’d recommend this product and will buy from them again. BTW i heard about this product on Adventure Rider Radio. Thanks for the show and this review!
Reviewed by:  from NH. on 5/10/2019
Only took one time to pay off!
I installed the system installed on my 2008 GSA about 1 year ago.. In general, I find it a nice reference for pressure , but also as a rough indication of tire temp. A couple of weeks ago, I topped off my front tire about an hour before leaving for work ( early in the am, dark and below freezing temps ). When I was leaving the driveway, I thought I noticed the steering was a little vague when I turned, but wrote it off as the bike ( and me ) just waking up. A half mile down the road, the red blinking light on the display alerted me, I checked the readings and the saw the front tire only had 11 psi of air! ( down from 34 an hour ago ). I carefully stopped, turned around and rode back home. I tried pumping up the tire, but a leaky rubber gasket on the bottom of the metal valve stem quickly made it obvious what the problem was. I replaced the stem the next day, It was fine, but the washer had backed off, causing the leak. The seal probably broke when I attached and removed the connector from the air compressor. I am very happy I hadn't reached the highway with what would have been close to a complete flat by then.
Reviewed by:  from New Hampshire, USA. on 2/3/2019
Five star
The sensor works fine the mount could be little better but five stars from me good idea good product
Reviewed by:  from Tampa. on 1/28/2018
Does not fit BMW S1000XR
This is not a negative review for the Cyclops system as in truth I haven't used it becasue the sensor on the front wheel does not clear the brake caliper. I will install it on one of my other bikes that uses a conventional valve stem as it is definitely something I'd like on all my bikes. Just wanted to let anyone know who might be considering purchasing this setup for their S1000XR. I wish this had been detailed in the product description before purchasing.
Reviewed by:  from Virginia. on 1/13/2018
The tams part seems to work fine but in sunlight or even just a bright day, the screen is unreadable. This bearing in mind most of us wear sunglasses when it is bright sun?
Reviewed by:  from Cheyenne. on 1/9/2018
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