Long Range Extreme LED Light
Long Range Extreme LED Light

Long Range Extreme LED Light

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The new Long Range Extreme LED Light takes automotive and Motorcycle lighting technology to extraordinary lengths by shining over 1200 feet of usable light from a single 25 watt LED.
The intense 10 degree spot pattern is also like having several lights in one! 
It enables optional Snap on poly-carbonate cover filters to quickly change the beam pattern from Spot to wide angle with a dot like cutoff pattern.
The colored Amber Filters can improve visibility in various conditions.  
The universal single bolt mounting accompanied by an available wiring harness, provides a quick, traditional installation on a multitude of applications. 

Key Features:
- 1200' of Usable Light
- 25 Watt Single LED for Smoothest Pattern
- 4.5" Round with 10 Degree Beam, Optional Snap on Filters
- Universal Single Bolt Mounting
- Ultra Lightweight 2 lb Hybrid Construction
- Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology
- Singe Lights and Kits Available

Single lights are supplied with the corresponding male duetch plug with a section of wire, sets come with wire harness selected.
Crash Damage Not Covered Under Warranty.

Warning - Cancer & Reproductive Harm - P65Warnings.ca.gov
This product may contain chemicals that are known in the state of California to cause harm.
Jedi Light saber
I used a single Long range as a stock high beam replacement, rather than a set of aux lights. I am simply astonished at how far the single light can throw a usable beam. What is even better, is that if you find the 10 deg, too narrow, you simply add a polycarbonate lens in the front, and get a wide beam. This is a very diversified light, that will flex, to each of the riders need.
Reviewed by:  from El Paso,TX. on 3/30/2014
Beyond Outstanding!
I bought this mainly for snowmachine search and rescue missions . A majority of our search and rescues are in blizzard conditions with near zero visibility. This light is just amazing! It has a focused beam that goes directly on the trail. I have not noticed it lighting up and making visibility harder like some lights do during blizzard conditions. I would highly recommend this light for personal use and SARs. The guys at cyclops adventure sports shipped right away and received within a week of ordering, giving I'm from rural Alaska, that is impressive in itself.
Reviewed by:  from WHITE MOUNTAIN. on 3/25/2021
LR Extremes big thumbs up!!!
I thought I would share my experience thus far with Cyclops Adventure Sports & the Long Range Extreme lights. I gave my initial comments a while back, but now have more miles & experience to go off of. The OEM lighting on the KTM 950SE sucks! The OEM lighting on most motorcycles sucks! I tried some major manufacture multi optic / emitter LED's to supplement the stock lighting, & they were all right. They served their purpose but basically just lit up road signs to the side of me w/o much benefit down range... the sorry stock headlight bulb was no help down range. I wanted something that would give great light down range for fast riding. I wanted high power, good penetration & distance, good spread, low draw, low weight, flexibility. I want it all!! I got it with these LR Extremes packaged in Darryl's race light. It appears that the market is saturated with manufacturers (some very good) that produce light bars and lights with small, multi-optic lights that produce gobs of light in front of your nose, but lack penetration into the night far in front of you. For those with HID headlights that want to supplement in the short range, these multi-optic lights & light bars are maybe a good fit. In my experience, however, I feel like the larger optic single emitter light, such as these LR Extremes produces far better, clearer, more penetrating, & efficient lighting. These 2 LED's draw a whopping 25 watts each at full power. Less on low beam that I have dimmed to 60% with a Skene dimmer. I typically run one amber spot filter & one wide-angle clear filter during the day. The amber filter allows for motorists to see me much sooner & further away than if I was just running clear filters. I get comments all the time about this... "You really stand out". "I can always see you behind me." "I can see you a mile away." If you have not tried single emitter LED's or are not satisfied with your current setup, do it! Darryl is a great guy, has a passion for our sport, is knowledgeable, and will support you after the sale. I'm betting you'll wish you did it sooner. Hope this helps any of you on the fence or considering a purchase. I can't imagine what 4 or 6 of these babies would do on a truck!!!
Reviewed by:  from Kansas City. on 12/4/2014
These lights are simply amazing, At first I was a little concerned about the size, but they fit on my Triumph Explorer with the frame mounts I also purchased threw Cyclops. I set the lights up with the dimming option and they work incredibly well. Im very happy, the quality of the product shines threw and the output is nothing short of amazing, 100 mph on dark roads is no problem. Thank you for a great product!
Reviewed by:  from Sandiego. on 4/11/2014
Owner of Airhead Restorations LLC
I first talked to Darryl at the Salem rally. I examined every lighting product he had displayed. I was greatly impressed with his knowledge and passion for his product. So I bought a set of the extreme long range lights and installed them on my 95 R1100GS. Being a pilot as well as a cyclist I needed good clarity at distance and did not want to be able to overdrive the lights. The GS is not fast enough to do that. They are honestly kick-ass lights in every respect. I think the harness and the lights could be immersed in salt water for years and still work. They have the best install kit I have ever seen. Everyone that has ridden with me has had the same opinion. Good job Darryl.
Reviewed by:  from Hartsville, Indiana. on 1/6/2014
Completely Satisfied
Bought a set of these lights with the amber yellow lens covers And the first day riding to work with them on my GS 1150 I was actually seen by other drivers! What a difference these lights have made for me and my safety. Doing It Right Cyclops!!! completely Satisfied Customer, Tom Chatfield P.S. Super easy installation.
Reviewed by:  from Oakland California. on 1/4/2014
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