KTM790/890/390 ADV LED Auxiliary light kit
KTM790/890/390 ADV LED Auxiliary light kit

KTM790/890/390 ADV LED Auxiliary light kit

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Choose your lights help
Aurora 2 inch lights with P mounts THIS MOUNT WILL NOT WORK ON KTM-390
Aurora 2 inch lights with DRL and P mounts NOT FOR KTM-390 [+$25.00]
Aurora 2 inch lights with metal mount
Aurora 2 inch lights with DRL and metal mount [+$25.00]
Pegasus 2.75 inch combo beam pattern 7 watt emitters [+$25.00]
Long Range lights two 20 degree beam patterns [+$75.00]
Long Range lights two 10 degree beam patterns [+$75.00]
Long Range lights Combo beam pattern one 10 and one 20 degree beam [+$75.00]
would you like a dimmer? help
No Thank you
Please add the skene IQ-275 [+$74.95]
Please add the IQ-275 with a disable switch [+$99.95]
I would like the Hex EZcan 790 ONLY [+$199.95]
I do not want to use my factory high beam switch I would like a separate switch, not applicable for Hexcan2 orders help
add a handle bar mounted ADV/Off road switch [+$24.95]
do you have a 790/890 or 390?
I have a 390 ADV
I have a 790/890
add amber filters, (a set) Aurora 2 inch lights only help
add one set of Amber filters Aurora lights only [+$24.95]
A new performance LED auxiliary light kit for a great bike!  Made in the USA!
 Now also verified for the KTM 390 and 890 ADV model
 Note the P mounts do not fit the 390 ADV,  The under headlight mount is required, another option would be round tube mounts for crash bar mounting, let us know if that's what you would like to do.

We know everyone likes options! We have put together the most rounded out and biggest Auxiliary light kit assortment for the KTM790/890 and 390 ADV models
Personally we feel our new 2 inch light fits this bike best, but we are not you. choices are good. Combine any of our lights with the Multi function turn signals and greatly increase your presence on the road and the look of your bike.

 The Cyclops exclusive bracket is powder coated lightweight steel, We use the supports going back to the main frame, not only the headlight bucket. The result is an extremely rugged setup that will take a crash well and not force the lights into the body work of the bike.
 New for the spring of 2020 is the new Carbon fiber/nylon 3d printed P mount. This mount tucks the Aurora lights back into the pocket between the tank and side panels . a great spot for protection and performance of the lights. No articulating arms to work loose or break, a solid solution, but only for the smaller 2 inch lights, will not work with the long range lights or the Pegasus lights.

All of these lights share the same basic plug and play harness for the 390/790, you don't even need to take the tank off!  Simply remove the headlight to get to the factory plugs, and high beam trigger wire, install the mounts and lights and your done! anyone can do this.

Choose from the drop down list what lights and options you would like. 

The New Aurora 2 inch lights with or without daytime running lights (DRL) are a great choice.
With this setup the Bright Amber halo is on anytime you turn the key on, providing a ton of conspicuity to keep you safe on the road, and the cagers at bay.
Hit the high beam and you have potent auxiliary lights to brighten up the night. No added switches cluttering up your bars.

What is the Skene 275 option?
If you don't need or want the DRL option, the standard Aurora lights boost big lighting from a small package,
you can also run these or any other light kit available here with no extra switches on the bars. Either off with low beam and on with high beam, or choose the Skene dimmer option were you can set low beam anywhere from off to 100% in 10% increments again no switch needed.
The only reason to use a switch would be to completely disable the system, we hope you don't do that but the option is there. 

 Now available with the Hex EZcan2.790 ONLY. With this setup a rider does not have to go inside the headlight to install lights with high and low beam options, the Hexcan2 can also provides 3 extra ports to power other electrical accessories etc.. Please read limitations on this option in the drop down menu

The Pegasus and Long range lights are also great option, they are just slightly larger and we include a Steel bracket that is about 1.5 inches wider than the standard 790 bracket. 
You simply can not go wrong with this potent KTM790/890 Auxiliary light kit, regardless of the lights you choose.

Here is a install video complements of our Friends at Upshift Online. Click the link below.

5 year function warranty

Warning - Cancer & Reproductive Harm - P65Warnings.ca.gov
This product may contain chemicals that are known in the state of California to cause harm.
Cyclops Aurora with DRL
Great kit, among the very best options for LED aux. lights on the market. Halo DRL's are much brighter in person than photos can capture, drivers can't miss these! The 4K extra lumens fill in the high beam perfectly which on the 790 Adventure is much needed as the stock high beam is too scattered and not good at long range illumination. The install is straight forward, the hardest part being finding the right place for all the extra wiring to stuff the headlight back in. Took me two attempts. Also the mounting bolts they come with are too short for the P mount thickness as the Nyloc feature of the nuts can't engage. Had to make a trip to Ace hardware for 5 mm longer ones. I also have the turn signal kit which finishes off the lighting scheme nicely. Good job Cyclops!
Reviewed by:  from Gloucester. on 3/27/2021
Great looking and performing product
The unit is top notch quality, great appearance and performance, but I have to say the customer service is behind my expectations, that how proud American business should looks like, thank you for all your help. Installation and instructions are strait forward. Many people following the YT video from Upshift, I ran my wiring differently, lot cleaner, invisible without any risks to kink or pinch cable around fork/neck area. Simply made to openings on the side of plastic cover located at the bottom of headlight unit, it looks stealth and very clean, like it came from KTM factory.... well if is any way I would love tho share some pictures for better understanding of my install, thank you again, cheers Verdon!
Reviewed by:  from Colorado. on 10/28/2020
Just what I wanted
I purchased the 790 kit with the Aurora DRL's. The kit arrived very quick, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the components and particularly the minimalist wire harness. Once I got the KTM headlight apart, which was a bit of a chore, the kit plugged in extremely easily. Even for a electro challenged person, It was plug and play and painless. My buddy went another direction and had to take half his bike apart, The Cyclops kit was much better in that regard than the Denali setup my buddy has. I ran the DRLs as suggested to the acc2 port and the trigger wire for the main light to my high beam power wire, super easy. The main lights comes on automatically when I hit the high beams, no switches added to my already crowded bars.. Brilliant! Once done I really like the look and function of the Cyclops kit. it not only looks better than my buddies, it cost less and outshines his setup by quite a ways.. I did the Cyclops Multi function turn signals at the same time. my bike now looks like a modern bike should. Thanks guys!
Reviewed by:  from Tx. on 2/6/2020
Perfect addition to my KTM 790 Adventure R
Aside from bigger tours, I commute every day in the Bay area to work. Lots of traffic and being seen is key to my safety. The Aurora 2 inch lights along with the multi-function turn signal get the job done and look fantastic. Great product., great quality. Installation was mildly challenging as the headlight assembly of the KTM is more complex than it should be (and I am not a mechanic), but the lights themselves are easy to install and are plug and play. One caveat: in my case was that one power source was already in use for the heated grips, so minor improvisation was required. I am super happy with the end result.
Reviewed by:  from San Francisco. on 2/1/2020
best looking and functional aux lights in a small package - a very good investment in my safety.
I'm a big fan of the benefits of auxiliary lighting on a motorcycle. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we often are out riding in the woods, after dark in the mountains, and having good illumination is an absolute must in order to see the critters before it's too late. These have the added benefit of the screaming bright amber halo lights that really make the bike look [email protected]$$ as well as giving you the edge of additional visibility to all the lame cage drivers. I ride adventure bikes as they should be ridden.. lots of extreme offroad and back country riding, but also long multi-day trips, and yes, even commuting to downtown Seattle on it.. I'm also a state certified Motorcycle Safety instructor, so I absolutely care to come home in one piece, and whatever I can do to help be seen, I'm all for it. Installation was a bit of a challenge on the 790, but I have a Youtube video where I talk about some things that might help you.. search Youtube for stubbo435
Reviewed by:  from renton, wa. on 12/25/2019
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