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KTM790/890/390 ADV LED Auxiliary light kit, Through 2022

Item Code: CIL-790
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when only the best will do, Cyclops has the LEd light kit for your 790

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Price: $325.95
A new performance LED auxiliary light kit for a great bike!  Made in the USA!
Available for the KTM 390, 790 & 890 ADV model. Fits models through 2022  click here for 2023 models

No need to remove your gas tank! all wiring is done in the headlight with this best-in-class full PLUG AND PLAY kit. No added switches to your already crowded handlebars. When you need the best, you want Cyclops!

 Note the P mounts do not fit the 390 ADV,  The under headlight mount is required, another option would be round tube mounts for crash bar mounting, let us know if that's what you would like to do.

We know everyone likes options! We have put together the most rounded out and biggest Auxiliary light kit assortment for the KTM790/890 and 390 ADV models
Personally, we feel our new 2 inch light fits this bike best, but we are not you. choices are good. Combine any of our lights with the Multi-function turn signals and greatly increase your presence on the road and the look of your bike.

 The Cyclops exclusive bracket is powder coated lightweight steel, We use the supports going back to the main frame, not only the headlight bucket. The result is an extremely rugged setup that will take a crash well and not force the lights into the body work of the bike.
 New for the spring of 2020 is the new Carbon fiber/nylon 3d printed P mount. This mount tucks the Aurora lights back into the pocket between the tank and side panels . a great spot for protection and performance of the lights. No articulating arms to work loose or break, a solid solution, but only for the smaller 2 inch lights, will not work with the long range lights or the Pegasus lights.

All of these lights share the same basic plug and play harness for the 390/790, you don't even need to take the tank off!  Simply remove the headlight to get to the factory plugs, and high beam trigger wire, install the mounts and lights and your done! anyone can do this.
Choose from the drop down list what lights and options you would like. 

The New Aurora 2 inch lights with or without daytime running lights (DRL) are a great choice.
With this setup the Bright Amber halo is on anytime you turn the key on, providing a ton of conspicuity to keep you safe on the road, and the cagers at bay.
Hit the high beam and you have potent auxiliary lights to brighten up the night. No added switches cluttering up your bars.

What is the Skene 275 option?
If you don't need or want the DRL option, the standard Aurora lights boost big lighting from a small package,
you can also run these or any other light kit available here with no extra switches on the bars. Either off with low beam and on with high beam, or choose the Skene dimmer option were you can set low beam anywhere from off to 100% in 10% increments again no switch needed.
The only reason to use a switch would be to completely disable the system, we hope you don't do that but the option is there. 

What is the Skene IQ-375 option?
Also available is the Skene IQ-375 dimmer option, this will allow the Aurora DRL rings to become additional turn signals and offer the patented conspicuity flicker. The flicker will make you much more visible to other drivers.
 This option also includes a waterproof dash mounted toggle switch that will toggle you in-between auxiliary light mode and conspicuity mode. In conspicuity mode you have the DRL rings on and in high beam the main aux light comes on. In Auxiliary light mode there is a low beam set at 50% intensity and a high beam, all with the factory switch. The blinker will always take priority and drop the auxiliary light out when activated.

 Now available with the Hex EZcan2.790 ONLY. With this setup a rider does not have to go inside the headlight to install lights with high and low beam options, the Hexcan2 can also provides 3 extra ports to power other electrical accessories etc.. Please read limitations on this option in the drop down menu

The Pegasus and Long range lights are also great option, they are just slightly larger and we include a Steel bracket that is about 1.5 inches wider than the standard 790 bracket. 
You simply can not go wrong with this potent KTM790/890 Auxiliary light kit, regardless of the lights you choose.

Here is a install video complements of our Friends at Upshift Online. Click the link below.

5 year function warranty

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