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KTM / Husky 10.0 LED headlight bulb kit

Item Code: KTM-EXC
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This 10.0 LED bulb kit fits 2014 and newer KTM EXC's, XCW and 2016 and newer Husky S (FE) and 2 stroke models

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Price: $99.95

Now using the robust 10.0 bulb. The best LED bulb kit for the KTM and Husky bikes available. New option... choose the regular 10.0 version or the new Ultra running all four emitters on high beam. These bulbs provide the much needed low beam cutoff pattern for running your bike on the street. Don't be that guy, pissing off all others on the road. Get much better output while still being a responsible rider. This high output LED headlight bulb kit includes a replacement rear cap and proper plugs for install into 2014 and newer KTM EXC, XC 2 or 4 strokes and 2016 and newer Husky models including 2022 bikes with the factory headlight. The bulb will offer beam patterns very much like stock, but much more usable light. No more candle!

Important: On bikes using the Cyclops rectifier (Carbureted 2 strokes and carbureted 4 strokes) Now works on high and low beam! if you have a switch.

Note: Carbureted 2 strokes will need the optional plug and play rectifier. TPI two strokes need no extra parts. This does not work on the freeride. This kit omits the parking light bulb. 

- Plug and play
- All new 10.0 LED headlight bulb using all metal bases
- 38 watt power draw in low and high beam
- 5600K
- IP 68 rated

KTM / Husky LED Headlight Bulb Replacement

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