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Price: $1,224.95
Husqvarna FE Nomad Travel Tower
Fits Husqvarna FE models 2017-2019

The Nomad travel tower explained

A solid construction made from 4  mm thick marine grade aluminium panels combined with aircraft grade billet aluminium cross members. Beautifully machined to tight tolerances. Solid connection to headstock with 4 bolts, no welding or frame modifications required. 100% Bolt-on construction, tested under extreme conditions. All fasteners in stainless steel. 

Designed as a travel tower, but...
The tower for our FE Nomad is designed as a travel tower. There are several rally towers available which will more or less fit the Husky FE models but from a travelling point of view they are all too big, too tall and obstruct your view too much. For travelling you don't need a road book holder and associated equipment. What we need is room for a GPS, satellite tracker, switches for heated grips, heated clothing, spotlights and plenty of connections for USB and other chargers. We wanted a tower which is as low as possible to give maximum view of the front wheel. We are firm believers of no-nonsense engineering, which results in a strong and practical construction which is repairable on the road. Bolted rather than welded construction.
However... despite being designed as a travel tower it has proven extremely successful as a rally tower as well! So much so that we now have a range of Rally specific mounting options available for Roadbook holders, Tripy, ICO and/or RNS trip meters etc.

Dakar inspired design
Wind protection is provided by an original KTM 450RR Rally screen, designed in a wind tunnel and tested in the Dakar at speeds of up to 170 km/hr! Well over the requirements of true travellers perhaps but a testimony to how good these screens are. Not only a very good and tested screen, but also widely available from every KTM dealer and for a realistic price, which fits in with our philosophy to make a kit which can be repaired easily when on the road.

Proven construction and made for travelling
In contrast to other offerings, the Nomad tower is complete. Ready for fitment to the bike straight out of the box, nothing more to pay. It bolts to the bike, no welding required. The wiring is neatly enclosed inside the tower, using the original wiring loom and using the same methods for fitment as used in helicopters to ensure the wiring doesn't get chafed in rough terrain. For items like a GPS, satellite tracker, Go-Pro etc. we have made provisions for up to 5 RAM mounts. They are readily available, inexpensive, work very well and have proven to be virtually indestructible. The tower can accommodate up to 12 (yes twelve!) USB charging points or a combination of USB and standard 12V connections. The switches are extreme heavy duty, rain waterproof and don't need external relays to operate items like spotlights, fog lights, heated vests, heated grips etc. There are 4 holes pre-cut for the switches.
Kit includes: 
- Aluminium travel tower anodised black and mounting kit
- 2 Brackets for mounting KTM 450RR screen
- Fairing side panels
- Dashboard panel ready to accept original FE dashboard
- KTM450RR Screen
- Cyclops Long Range lights with your choice in beam patterns
- Fitting instructions with photos

Not included in the basic kit:
- Toggle switches
- USB charging points
- 12V Accessory outlets
- RAM mounts (tower comes pre-drilled for up to
5 mounts) 
- Sticker kits

Precision, adaptable and well thought out
To ensure high quality we use marine grade aluminium and CNC/laser cut each part using the latest equipment. Each part is finished to a high standard (everything chamfered obviously, no sharp edges). All components are locally made, over 95% right here in Holland. No made in China parts used in the tower and even the switches we use are made in Europe! The switches are expensive as they are capable of switching heavy loads without the need of extra relays. For ease of use we also looked for a modular construction, one which could incorporate a wide range of headlight configurations, wouldn't tie you down to one particular type of GPS and can accommodate various types of digital dash options available (including re-using the original Husqvarna TrailTech dash but then in an easier to read position). 

Complete and no welding required
Several Rally towers on the market are just that: just a tower, a collection of plates and bolts. To make it into something that actually works and fits, you need a variety of extra and optional brackets. Some of them even require drilling or welding to the frame! Most of them have the wiring hanging all over the place, out in the weather and no room for accessory switches. By the time you're finished they have not only become quite expensive but more often than not look like a mismatch of a Meccano construction. 

Full aluminium construction, no carbon fibre
We have nothing against carbon fibre, but for safety reasons we've chosen aluminium for the tower. Aluminium doesn't shred into thousands of sharp, ragged and potentially lethal sharp edges on impact. Our tower is rounded where it matters, on very heavy impact it might bend (although we have yet to see one doing that, but it will never shatter.  
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